Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


Presuming you have no training, you’re gonna try and find what key or scale your chord is. The one shown is D#6 (I think.)


So I’m working on this dub techno tune, but feel as tho it’s too short “for a dub techno track”. Comes out at right around 4 mins. My impression is that most tunes stretch out as far as 6-8 mins. Wat do, just copy/paste sections? I feel as though there are enough shifting elements and such that doesn’t make it feel stale and repetative, but idk.


Yeh, copy and paste, but change things around, automate the shit out of everything, delays, feedbacks, reverbs, etc. Add new elements or change the melodies up. If you have any midi controller with knobs etc try “live dubbing” it. It’s lots better than just painting automation with the mouse.


just do what feels right for the tune


Long dub delays with loads of feedback is a good way to eat up some bars while still keeping the listner’s interest


For anyone keen on peeking (if this dropbox-thing works even):

Can fathom I didn’t think of this. Oh well, will probably do that on the next one!
I’ve got an Axiom49 and a MPK mini mk2 that both are hooked up but I didn’t think of that.


yooooooo this is fucking sick dude, I would absolutely love to do a remix of this when it’s done

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Loving it man, need to try out some dub techno myself. What kind of a synth are you using for the lead stabs?

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Right click and “Copy audio location” and paste the link


I’m out and about on my phone, will have to check later.

Wonder if possible and why we don’t support DB embeds actually… probably a good reason, maybe security related.


Ah well, you can always try and request desktop site on your phone. At least on my Android it works for Soundcloud


Yes no training at all

How? Sorry for being dumb :stuck_out_tongue:


Every chord you come up with has been thought of by someone else. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And more importantly every single chord possible is part of a musical scale (series of notes/pitches) - even the most fucked up black midi or w/e.


That key (set of scales and steps) is like a template to keeping it “musical.”


Just play what sounds right to you.


I think I got my lead notes right



I suggest you go and study some really basic music theory. in this day and age it really isn’t that hard. Im sure there’s like a 10 minute video explaining chords and scales well enough for you to get a grasp of the concept. but in short, even more important than the scale is the key. that is determined by the root note of your chord. ronzlo was right, in this case it is D# in your first chord there.

some people manage to make music without zero understanding of music theory but I’d say the more you learn the more easier it becomes to create music, because you don’t have to painstakingly explore and find what sounds good. you can just use chords, scales and phrases that you know and it will sound “automatically” good.


One instance of serum with a sawtooth oscillator and a simple, short envelope that closes the filter. Nothing magic at all tbf, and imo this what produced the sound closest to what I’ve been listening to. And one instance of Audiothing The Orb that’s barely noticable. Chuck a long reverb on and a filtered 16th note ping-pong delay on it and you’re good!

Thanx a lot m8! Sure, we can get that going. Just waiting for my little brother to maybe lay down some chill guitar-stuff on one of the sections!


just skip every other note

start with one note
then use every other note
(easiest scale)


or just go for A minor / C major, all the white keys :dart:


I still have to actually learn music theory. I just had lots of luck to be able to just hear if something doesn’t work. Still, would help if I had a midi keyboard…

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