Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)

I would say in all honesty, if you can’t do this then consider a different career path

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Ahah, I don’t know if that’s a common thing or not really, so I assumed it wasn’t that common in ppl. But yeah if wanna be a musician you gotta have some musicality

It’s c minor y’all
Realized that I replied to the wrong post
@Lithium_Hazmat C minor, so for the melodies you can use C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, and Bb. Can also use B natural but would need to rewrite the chords to use B diminished instead of Bb maj.

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8th dotted ofc, but whatever. The point is to experiment, though imo it sounds best with dotted 8ths, plus all the tutorials you’ll find on dub techno chords go for that as well so :cornersault:


Sometimes knowing too much theory I think can be limiting. In some way your brain will already fill in what “should” come next rather than going by ear and feeling to write melodies.

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I agree if you try and force everything into the box of theory - “is this right?” - but conversely, in order to break rules deliberately you should probably know what at least some of them are lol.

In the end your ear is at the top of the pyramid. Everything else is underscore.


Some good free courses - lots of formats - can be found in the Music & Performing Arts section here:


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oh lol youre right. but isn’t it also a D# major? with a weird additional c note thrown in. if you regard it as a c minor what is that A# doing there

A# is Bb

it just depends on which ‘direction’ you come at it tho, right?

edit: i have no clue about theory at all, nearly 0 knowledge

i also dont know shit but i dont think so, they’re just different ways of saying the same note. depending on the key / situation it makes more sense to use one or the other. there is a thing with the melodic minor where you raise the 6 and 7 when its ascending

My brother showed me when I was learning guitar that sometimes you can leave a note out of a chord because it sounds better in context.
It’s still the same chord essentially but it has a slightly different tone(?) to it that fits the chord progression nicer.

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i confused by it all lol, that why i make beats and not music

edit: wasteman reference to my confusion, im pretty sure they are (or at least can be) different tho haha

(this whole video is a pretty fun jaunt into one of the most nutty nerd studios ever btw)

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Flats are easier to learn plus that is the way that chords resolve. So if you take a circle of fifths chart, going to the left would be all flats until you get to sharps.

They are all resolving unto each other from V to I.

Working on a new, slower, dub techno tune. Any input? Feel as though it might be too slow/dragging out with not enough elements. Still though, feel as though the overall vibe of the samples and sounds use fit a spare arrangement. https://soundcloud.com/djtubgun/blatonar-dub-wip/s-ostyc


At first I was thinking it was too slow, but actually it’s a really good piece. For an intro for a set going from slow to fast techno it’d be perfect. I like how there isn’t much beatwork going on so it would be ideal for a long rolling mix into the next tune. I was wondering whether some subtle reverb-y ticktock percussion would work buried way down deep with not much top end. But I don’t know… I’m digging it as is tbh.

you dont need any music theory whatsoever


me neither lol

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i wasnt sure where to post this but holy shit

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The engineer in me says: rip audio, plug into transient-to-midi detector, harvest sweet licks…

But the musician in me says “oh fuck… this guy is a machine I’d love to jam with if only I were good enough.”


Anybody tried putting a vocoder on your bass? I tried it a few days ago, pretty interesting results.