Random Production Thoughts


Sorry man, I’m sure your metronome track will be a banger. People may copy but you were the pioneer!!


Yeah my girlfriend has this one bro step-esque song (prolly from monstercat) and the intro is this big cinematic thing and then it just goes into a drop that makes no sense with it then later on they try to pull it together and be like “yeah I totally made these to go together and am not just smashing together two random things I made”


Metronomes for Adagio


Is it good or bad that my tunes somehow end up where I never thought they would?




As in what you had in yr head came out a different way or…


Not so much in the vibe tbh, but the 4/4 beat ended up in a triplet-kinda thing. Just felt natural to change it up after the main break and I really feel it fits. Gonna chip it in the next tuna and get some feedback (and give back ofc :badteeth:)

@cyclopian Great! Can’t wait to share!


Anyone got tips on lowering cpu usage besides bouncing the tracks? My bounced tracks are already blowing up my cpu lol. And sometimes I hate bouncing cuz it can mess with stuff


Hmm, maybe try a trick that is often used in video editing, bouncing from the “raw” or high-bitrate audio and replacing each audio track with a lower-bitrate version, but don’t know how much it would help and if it actually has a point if you’re still mixing down. But if it works, you can then change back to original high bitrate audio.


Decided not to be lazy and bounces everything. Helped but still getting some pops if I jump around the track. Pretty sure it’s just my automation. There are a few effects that I’m turning on and off and I’m pretty sure that’s it.


Could be ASIO buffer related, u tried increasing ur buffer?


Totally forgot about this. Upped a bit and no underruns now. Thanks


Are you using a multicore CPU?

I use Logic on a multicore and used to have problems where if I have a lot of processing on one track instead of splitting each of these processes nice and evenly across the cores it dumps it all on one core and overloads (while the others are sitting there doing f’all)

There are tricks around this, send to another bus and split processing between the two of them (half on original, half on the new bus)

This is a very specific annoyance with Logic though and not sure if anyone on other DAWs even has this issue (seriously apple need to sort it)


I’m using FL studio and am pretty sure I have it set up for multi core. Pretty sure it’s just a check box but should double check.


edit oops wrong random thread


Just realized I’ve begun hoarding samples again… :worried:

This is how I came to have like terabytes of samples stuck on old cd’s and PC’s, gathering dust.


make some tunes ya weenie


Right? They’re not gonna make themselves.


Or create bits of arrangement and other sound design bits… And try to glue it together lol


Pretty sure that’s how WWWings operate and it seems to be working out for them lol