Random Production Thoughts


My situation is:-

Hmm this track is missing “specific type of sound”, downloads 5-10GB worth of sample library to fill that need, moves on…

“Oh now it needs this other specific type of sound” and repeat.

I’m up to 1/2 a TB so I guess it could be worse!





Slime music is creepy



I am interested in how they did the sound effects in House MD, season 5 episode 24, 39:27, the sub is easy to do but that glitchy sound is awesome and scary. I’m just in love with the music and sound design in thus whole series

heres the link to the episode:


Sounds like some grainy synth with loads of delay and reverb after it then reversed. Maybe even timestretched, it has that paulstretch vibe about it. Cool sound :slight_smile:


My latest thought. We know that listening to certain music can put you into a certain state (sad, pumped up, chill etc) so…

By that token, surely the music you are working on can do the same, maybe even to a greater degree. So to help with my overwired brain I’ve started making some downtempo, ambient music in a major key. I was practically falling asleep while doing it earlier which was niceeee, so much different to the constant creeping feeling of stress etc reminding me I need to take a break.


Finally got around to using my Korg Nanokontrol, its a fun lil thing, only downside is that the buttons arent very responsive so cant trigger them really fast. Just started messing with effects etc and its a lot of fun doing it like that.

Also, has anyone got VST reccommendations for a plugin called ppooll, dont know if I could use it in FL Studio. Just being interested in what Fennesz has been doing with it live using only a guitar, some pedals and a laptop. Just find granular synthesis and that sort of stuff a bit hard to approach.

I just wanna do some weird shit, more on the cinematic soundtrack side of things, got tired of making shitty loops haha…


After 4 years in the forums I decided to start production a bit. Currently, I’ve been fiddling around with FL Studio on and off for about a couple weeks. It took me a while to get the very basic functions down (still learning things everyday) and i’m currently fucking about making ambient shit with default plugins since it seems that’s the only thing I can do. Really everything I’m doing right now is just screwing around. I might want to get some 3rd party plugins / VSTs soon. Also learning basic music theory at the same time so I can transfer over that experience into production. It’s a long road ahead, but it’s pretty fun so far. It can be super overwhelming at times tho, I went through this entire thread and there’s a ton of stuff I know nothing about when all I have is my computer and my keyboard really. (Trying not to get too focused on hardware though). Getting down to the basics tho. Honestly I want to make UK Funky :star_struck:


mmmm enjoy that feeling while it lasts :), the first “toe-dip in the water” the first “peak behind the curtain at the magic show” Enjoy the process of figuring things out, don’t restrict yourself too much, reward yourself for the smallest of steps in improvement. Have fun with your journey :slight_smile:


Anyone got any tips on writing lyrics? Seems like the popular theme is “vaguely romantic”. Everything I can think up feels either cheesy or stupid though


Cheesy/stupid can be funny though


Try free styling with different styles /themes throughout everyday tasks. Like a pained lament for the last brew bag or a ska pickitupa to an unpaid bill.
Find a pattern you like, change words to fit what you want, voila!


“I know the drummer, will you let me in?
Tell the guitar player I’ve brought a friend.
Ask the roadies if they need a hand?
Tell the manager there’s a girl named Jan.”


Girl on the bus
You made a fuss
When that smelly tramp jostled you
I want to follow you
and tell you you was right
For spraying perfume in his eye
Cos really, who is that guy
To you
To you, to you
To you
My only surprise,
Was that you changed your mind
And refrained from braining him
that 19th time
With your crowbar
(…and only hit him so hard)


“When I sing songs I sing about what I know
But I don’t know too much so I don’t sing about nothing
I get my words from reading TV Guide
I steal all my solos from the Rolling Stones”


Big up @Yung_Dave. Remember that a lot of times musical progress comes in steep slopes & plateaus - you’ll hit a phase where shit’s just exploding and you’re really picking up a lot, and then it’ll taper off for a while and seems like nothing’s improving. Stick with it regardless.

@Tolsof : Keep it simple, avoid cliche words like “soul” :face_vomiting: and choose words for how they sound as much as what they mean. Fuck vaguely romantic. Talk about something important [to you].


Can anyone help me on how to make a topic on the production forum, trying to host an experiment for university. Thanks!


i think you might have to have made a certain amount of posts before you can create a topic


Okay makes sense, Thanks! know any topics I could post about looking for collaborators to help with a mass collab production experiment?..