Random Production Thoughts


no not off the top of my head, search function works pretty well though here


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yeah, a dip into the water and suddenly you find yourself in the ocean. I only watched the most basic tutorials so I have some understanding of how to do stuff in my DAW. Although, it’s really hard to find out where to start. I’m still trying to find the right tutorials to progress on so I can move on from fucking around with presets and sounds that come with the software already lol. Plus the more complex it gets the more daunting it becomes.


youre probably at the steepest part of the learning curve at the moment, just keep at it and try to keep it fun

you’ll be doing the daunting stuff without even thinking about it soon, a lot of it becomes second nature as you start connecting the dots


What would a bass rig look like to fill this out? :thinking:


Fanboy’d pretty hard chatting to Jamie Vexd at his boiler room thing


almost done with a full length album thing, wot a mindfuck, been a great lesson in organization and workflow outside of individual project files (which im horrible at lol)


Same boat here.

I think the hardest thing is the balancing act.

With x1 song as a producer you have to balance a lot of elements together to make a song work.

With an album you do that but then for every song and… have to balance all the songs with each other to make a cohesive unit.

After this I’m going back to singles for a whileeeeee


Next biggest obstacle for me: how to actually arrange the tracks accordingly with the right BPM & getting a good sound palette / samples.


I’d love to make an album. But it’s gonna be hiphop/rnb not dubstep


Why not both? That’s the beauty of an album compared to a single / EP you have a lot more room to stretch your wings


dubstep sux


well no shit my man


natural habitat walrus step

narwhale contact mic step

pig with a taped on crowdspeaker step

I mean its not over over - just never got real real




Mate doing an LP is such a head fuck

I’m up to 25 tracks and still not happy picking 8-10


What’re you Prince or something?



Been producing on Bose QC2 lately… checking the mix with Beyerdynamic DT330 and woooow I realise I can’t keep using the QC2 for mixing, obviously.


the old saying is “no highs, no lows, must be bose”


I always feel like there’s something off with my tracks and I can’t quite figure it out. Maybe they’re too repetitive or something idk. Maybe it’s just because I made it so I know what was going through my head when I put it together so it sounds contrived or some shit.