Random Production Thoughts


There’s nothing like being kind of happy with your tune only to listen to it b2b with others (like current Roulette) to make you realize how much it sucks. :confused:


Part of it might be that we listen to it so many times while working on it that we get kind of fatigued by it.

But I keep having moments where I say "Oh wow this songs actually good!"
Then I upload it and listen to it again a day or two later and can’t help but think how shitty it is


Trying to learn basic stuff on how to put things on the grid. I keep searching up tutorials and sometimes they talk about frequencies and masterbuses. Like wtf are those even?


The nice thing about this effect though is you can also get the reverse. Where you sit on a song for a while because you think it’s crap then you come to listen to it one day and bammmm “Actually this is a pretty good tune”

Brains are funny


It’s something I struggle with a lot.

What we’re aiming for is a balance of Novelty & Structure usually.

Too repetitive and straight forward and it becomes boring. But… have too much going on at random points and it’s obnoxious and kinda scary. It’s a thing of psychology really, as humans we like our structure and to know what’s going on but then like a surprise here and there to keep things getting stale (at least that’s how I look at it)

Most of my variation now comes from when I’ve accidentally dragged a piece of audio too far or muted a bit randomly. But it helps! I really need to focus on this more though.



Trying something a little different with my kick and bass on a track I’m making. The kick is pretty flat and the bass has a really strong drop at the start like a more traditional kick. When they hit together it’s very hard and during the sustain notes of the bass the kick still has a lot of presence without replacing the bass,

Here’s the kick solo then with the bass.



nice blog by macc


I’m definitely guilty of monoing as fuck below even 400hz I dunno why lol


Macc’s articles are great. His latest gripe seems to be the over-use of M/S EQ :joy:


Wow, digging up a CD of tracks that I made 15 years ago is kind of a head fuck.


Rip n upload plz!


It’s a great trip isn’t it!

Production wise what I made when I first started is a mess. The ideas I still really resonate with though, makes me want to remake a few tracks.


I’ve been watching this dude’s streams of FL Studio. Unfortunately for some recording software it doesn’t show what they do when they right click menus, so this stream doesn’t go super in detail on how to do stuff. Still, I’ve been making cute jams and melodies with 3xOSC, it’s so fun.


One of the tunes ended up on here, the very last release from BSI Records. E3 later went on to do Zam Zam.


When mixing audio we control how much of the different frequencies in any given sound/sample we use in our productions gets heard with volume, filters/eq’s and different effects. Basically shaping different sounds to sit better together in the mix. We attenuate (lower/remove) how much low frequencies (30-200hz) in say a snare sample gets reproduced so that those frequencies doesn’t amplify the same frequencies in other (i.e a kick) samples, causing the total output of i.e 50hz to overload and unintentionally distort.

The final channel/track in which all of the sounds in your DAW gets sent through before hitting the converters (the chips) in your soundcard. Your sound card converts the signal coming out of your DAW (1s and 0s / binary signal that all computer files are made up of) into electrical vibrations that gets sent to our speakers and gets reproduced as sound.

Hope that cleared up something. I know the wording and technical terms/explanation might not be perfect but hopefully you get the picture.

Here are a few videos on the basics of mixing. Youtube is filled with good material on this subject, and I encourage you to try to find as professional explanations on this subject as possible - as this will help you more quickly get a grasp of the basic terms (not to say that the mumbling FL-tutorial guys can’t teach you a thing or two, but you often end up with more questions than answers in the long run)


nice!! love BSI; have nearly their whole vinyl discography but not the CDs


Yeah, I sort of see how this all ties in to FL. EQs are still foreign to me, still trying to understand what the numbers mean (i.e. 16, 32, 64, all the way to 1K, 2K and so forth) but I do know that the very left of EQs are low ends and the very right is high end. Thanks for the help.

I know about clipping too, which is basically when the audio goes past a certain decibel point into the reds right? Sometimes tracks that are obviously clipping can sound good though:


but especially at the beginning you want to stick to not clipping lol

it’s a classic case of you must know all the rules in order to break em


Picked up a 2nd hand Saffire 6 and now I can record things again I’ve decided to make a song using only my voice. So far so good :slight_smile: