Random Production Thoughts


I’ve just been producing on my laptop for the last few years bringing out bits of hardware here and there when I wanted to use something.

In my last apartment my studio was set up but it didn’t get much use as I was working on two degrees. Now in my current apartment, my studio is still in shambles despite having lived here for a year now.

I’m thinking of all that needs to be done. The power supply in my studio pc died and I’m not sure if I’m going to replace it as I built this computer in 2010. Probably just going to pull the hard drives.

My audio interface is firewire which is now obsolete so I will need a new interface. My MIDI interface’s software stopped working after XP but the hardware was still functional.

It keeps sounding like a big project.


You can send your gear to me and I’ll set it up :slight_smile:


Big $$$ at least…just looking at upgrading the studio computer rn. It has a 1st gen 2600k i7, pcie v2 motherboard…looking at the 6 core i7 8700k, new mobo and ddr4 ram


I’m thinking of just buying a dock for my laptop as it has all of my software set up. I just need to upgrade the memory which is only 8 GB at the moment.

But that doesn’t solve the other issues.


Thinking about getting ableton live to mess about with at home…use cubase traditionally but want to try live out…is the suite worth the extra money or nah?


If you think you want to use any of the instruments, it is worth it. I really wanted Sampler and Operator is a great FM synth. The other instruments are useful but I don’t use them as much.

Max For Live is deep and has some good effects and instruments built for it.


Yeah I’d say it’s worth it. The instruments and audio/midi effects are really good. You won’t really need anything external, especially with Live 10 on the way. Max is amazing as well and you get a lot of free sounds with Suite (I’ve never used them b/c 2 lazy 2 download but they seem decent).


if ableton’s workflow works with your brain, you’ll find yourself making more music than ever.

Its ridiculously quick and powerful esp compared to something like cubase. But at the same time, the workflow throws a lot of people off (esp at first)

They do some good demo versions, might be worth checking out a demo and really delving into it.

(Most people just download a cracked version, click around for 20 minutes, and decide the workflow is too strange)

I’m also curious, what is your personal interest in trying out Ableton? are there certain features? or is it purely just a change of pace thing?


I’m interested in Ableton Live as a way of messing around with audio in real time. As I have a good chance of getting a job and saving up for a decent laptop (<1000eur new), have you got any ideas for what laptop to buy? Preferably if I can put an SDD and add some more RAM because that way it would be a bit cheaper, wouldn’t it?
Also, if it could have a 1gb or 2gb dedicated GPU for video editing, and low DPC latency so it would be as stable as possible in a live performance scenario…


After making cinematic stuff in the past I’ve only just started writing to a picture. I downloaded a trailer (without listening to the music) import it to DAW and score for it. It’s nice having a visual inspiration to work to.

Makes me wonder if having background visual stuff (movies, TV etc) without sound could help inspire other music.


I’m trying to start filming short films, and it’s interesting how much I can imagine inside my head. There are a lot of scenes for which I know exactly how they would look and sound like and I don’t know what’s stopping me from making them haha, but it’s a great thing.


“Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all.”

  • Stanley Kubric

Grab any camera, shoot anything.

There are computers built specifically for music production with SSD’s and shit.
EDIT: Or just copy the specs.


I always wanted a daw at home to mess about with, other mates use live and also rate the workflow/speed compared to cubase. Kinda just want to try something new rather than getting cubase at home…if i get on with live it could even end up replacing cubase in the studio.

Will try the demo before buying tho. Thanks for all the feedback gents :onethumb:


Adam Neely’s channel is legit


ableton is best


that’s s a tradition from shi’a-islam.

Could be football ultras too lol


yep, i was more linking the video for the crazily good sounding chest claps for sampling hehe, hence the ‘samples’


i find the chants just as intriguing to sample… could be the next muslimgauze tune :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: just don’t play the tune in saudi arabia.


haha! I sample the chants/other vocal tings myself quite a bit, but i rearrange everything into nonsense and use it as an instrument instead of a message. I always try to avoid linking back to some sort of ideological or religious message but instead re-purpose into something nobody wants to hear instead

extra shoddy example:


Whenever I record a 4 bar melody in ableton, it always shows up an 8 bar loop when I start editing the clip. This happens after the transport line has gone back to the start of the loop, even if I hit stop real quick. Anyone know why it keeps doing this? I imagine it’s part of Lives functionality as it has persisted over to the Live 10 beta, but imo I find it pretty annoying as I have spend 2-3 minutes making sure I’m using the right part of the loop.