Random Production Thoughts


can you just change the clip length with the options window to the left of the piano roll?


I’ve been looking for the clipse grindin’ thump/weightless percussion sample for so long and finally found it. ya’ll know what I’m talking bout. now I have almost all the samples I want


I just chopped it from the end of Logos - Atlanta 96 (Limitless Mix), the last hit of the tune is just that sound on its own, perfect for chopping


SoundForge 10 will not recognize my little M-Audio soundcard and I cannot record directly from my computer like from Utoob and wotnot.

Audacity recognizes it just fine and I am able to record so I will use that for this task instead.


WASAPI in shared loopback mode in Reaper is a godsend, excellent for this


Yeah, that’s what it says in Audacity, M-Audio speakers loopback. I have no such option in SoundForge and cannot make it work.


Virtual Audio Cable:


I used to use soundflower for this, but not sure if it is mac only. Just a virtual audio interface as far as I can tell


yeah soundflower is mac only, virtual audio cable is p much the next best thing afaik


I’ve made at least 1 tune per week since 2011 or so, super drunk rn listening to the back cat at random. Its pretty strange feeling since I dont even remember making half of em but its really nice. Its also nice hearing the naivety in a lot of the tunes; something I really miss these days. Self-indulgent fun time

I swear you make better tunes when you know nothing. Also rad hearing some stylistic stuff that I never thought about back then but has become part of my current ‘style’ of making tunes.

found this really old one that surprised me



How do you find the time, work ethic etc for doing that? I’ve said to my self that I want to do something like that but only end up with a large quantity of half-written tunes sitting in my projects folder…


making tunes is fun, never thought about ‘work ethic’ while doing it. Im also a bit of a spaz when it comes to tunes and I rarely spend more than an hour or two making one. I also worked at a studio doing some sound design for indie films for a while. Learned a lot there, and I had to be scientific about sound which I hate doing on my own sounds.

Its just fun…


Makes me realize that all the fun in making music slowly disappeared when I studied for my bachelors degree in music production. :confused_og: When I knew nothing I had much more fun making tunes… Shit.
But then again, I still listen to a lot of music that really touches me and evokes a lot of emotion in me, which in turn inspires me to sit down and make more stuff. The main motivation for starting that degree in the first place was that I wanted to spread all the good vibrations: the excitement in hearing something new and awesome, the euphoria I felt after hearing certain tunes etc.


Very interesting… it seems like a trend with all sorts of subjects too. Go in with 100% interest, come out with a total lack of interest

That tuna was good though!


That was me with mathematics this year.


I seem to be making little production “pods” these days. While my main studio is in shambles for various reasons, I’ve had my laptop setup with MIDI controllers and some little iLoud speakers which actually sound amazing.

I thought I was going just move those speakers around for other projects but realized that it would really be a hassle with the way my schedule sometimes is. So I bought some little Mackie monitors that I now have installed in my living room with a lot of my analog gear that is going to be for the most part, a computerless analog pod workstation.

These are the speakers by the way. I got them for $70 and they sound ok for what I’m trying to do.


if a sub is meant to be consistent, its because its important or something

but then from that same logic
replace it with an idea of a super inconsistent sub :kissing_closed_eyes:

an attention grabbing super incosistency sub that tells another story or something

ferda systems


So far, in my three or so months of production, I’ve made:
-a few drafts of random ideas about a minute or less long
-a crappy remake of Yamaneko - Gala Helipop (some grimey 140-ish track)

and a grimey track I’ve made that’s actually song length. still learning.


Well in dugger


that is incredible. I mean at first when I started around the same time as you I used to churn out tunes almost daily and just post them up to soundcloud and wanking to every like and comment but promptly took them down after realising how shite they were. then at some point it dawned on me I should work a little more on the tunes and now I’m in the point of finishing maybe 1-2 tunes per year lol I still mostly only get credit for stuff I put out like in 2015 which is sorta disappointing but at least it’s something

I want to point out that your tunes don’t sound like they’ve been made in such a rush