Random Production Thoughts


So I’ve been going to this same jazz bar for awhile now and it’s really interesting to see different people play the same instruments and sound completely different.

Really makes me want to just curate a collection of sounds/synths/samples and make a whole bunch of different songs using the same stuff with maybe only minor tweaks here and there.

Also there’s been two very inspiring players I’ve seen now. One’s a bassist. Saw him twice and he’s pretty awesome. Thing I like the most are his solos. Every other bassist kinda just goes ham during their solo but he would continuously bring up the melody and mess around with it. There was one he did where he found this riff and it totally changed the mood of the song and everyone started playing along to that.

Then there was a drummer. Like you know how there’s different ways drums can be played, driving the song or in the pocket or w/e. Well every other time ive heard someone drive the song on the drums, they are very on top of it, throwing in fills and lots of accents. She was driving the song without really being on top of it. She played very tasteful accents and really mainly messing with the tempo through subdivision and swing.
Was pretty inspiring and I want to try and bring it into my music


Have you heard Tony Williams?


Lol from what I can tell cyclops is one of the ones who’ve “got it” as far as that term has any meaning

Some people make so many tunes so quickly and consistently and it’s the most admirable shit.

A mate I know is like that. I’ve seen him in ableton. Just has a basic ability to super quickly dedicate his beatmaking to a solid idea that works. Little fucking around back and forth and getting over conscious about the drum pattern. 1, 2 3, and something decent and often something really dope comes out.

There’s certain mindsets you can try to have to be better, I guess. Best I can explain it is vague woke Buddhist shit basically: don’t approach the daw with an ego, don’t sit and evaluate your shit from this or that angle, would this DJ like it maybe etc. as much first-person childlike enjoyment as possible, combined with trained concentration. That’s what I’d guess. This is all based on my personal bs I guess but suppose many are similar.


I feel like I did way back when I was super into jazz/jazz drummers. Thanks for reminding me. Really gotta take some time and go and listen to the greats again


@Tolsof ever heard of a guy called julian sartorius?

check this dude out. amazing drummer, amazing artist. very creative guy. + cool dude.


That’s pretty awesome. Found sound drums always sound really awesome.


I’ve always wondered whether drummers from the extreme ends of the metal specturm would be good for sampling. Like taking all the fills/rolls and using them as the spice on the meat of a “standard” drumbeat.
A dude I know is a sick drummer and very creative with it, I wonder whether it’d be too much for dubstep though? Too much “niose” where there should be space…


I know Onslaught by Reso uses the drum fill from Davidian by Machine Head, I’ve played drums in a lot of metal bands but to be honest I don’t know how well using metal style drums in dubstep would work


I’m thinking like how you can use a chopped bit of an amen after a snare, maybe you could use a bit of a drum fill from a metal track, to give the snare some movement and urgency sort of thing…


Tbh ideas like this are often better in conception than execution - however, the exception is when something is used outside the original context or in an entirely different way.

Good example was when Death Grips were dropping sped up drum corps samples in place of normal snare rolls - I’d been trying to use drum corps samples for years but it rarely clicked until heard that.

So maybe take a d-beat and pitch it down and chop it up or sth…



Drums are fair game. Chop them up.

I remember on the old production board there was a drummer that had posted a live snippet of his drumming.

I flipped it into a Jungle tune. He was pretty impressed because he had never heard anyone flip his own drumming before.


I’ll have to try and get hold of some of my own drum tracks to muck about with, would be interesting to see what I could do with it, I think my old bands vocalist should still have the tracks as he mixed both our albums


That broken note style is one way of doing it. Some drumcorps tracks follow a similar style.
I was thinking more of using samples of rolls and breaks from metal drumming, like how you would use a little amen tumble after a snare.




early distance drums sound almost live. just that roll bit gives it away


i just bought this. RIP



Oh shit!!


p fuckin hyped man, got a super good deal on it as well.

def gonna need to pick Sean’s brain on this ting once I get the skiffs in hand though lol, way out of my depth here

I recreated the set-up on Modulargrid: