Random Production Thoughts


It does everything a proper “pro” DAW should do with an excellent feature set, robust user community, outstanding tech support and continuous improvements, and a high degree of configurability both in terms of how you want it to look and your workflow (hotkeys, hardware integration, etc).

Oh and the price is right. :slight_smile:

@syrup yeah shoulda qualified that a bit more, you don’t have to know how to set up crazy I/O patch schemes to get it to work but a lot of users (like me) barely scratch the surface of what it can do in terms of signal routing and it’s easy to get lost quick. Used as a basic sequencer/recorder/plug host it’s p easy to get going tho.




anyone willing to share their ideas about production as well as some insight and general tips, would truly enjoy getting into the production side of EDM music just do not know where to start. any and all information would be helpful.


more sampling fodder, not so much the spoken word parts, but the sound fx are quite good with all the artifacting (check out 4:30… so gut)


Multiband compression is pretty good.


Found this channel, some kind of spoken word/rap/poetry thing I guess.

Seems like you can get some good lyric samples.

Mmm listened to some more of it and there’s a bit of everything. Definitely some good samples on there tho


Use of space/panning on this song is crazy

Love the snare too. Sounds like 2 different claps panned l/r or something


That’s well nice, been meaning to check more of kaytranada. Majority of what I’ve heard is sick


Yeah just found him like 2 days ago. His tracks are really interesting



I have been trying to do this for so long without knowing how or what it’s called and now I know lol


I have really been getting into my Machinedrum the past couple of weeks. I am kind of kicking myself for not going with the UW version but at the time, I really didn’t want to spend the extra $400 it would’ve taken to do so.

Now Elektron has that Digitakt coming out soon and that $400 is almost 2/3rd’s the price of it and it has sampling galore. Sort of eyeing it.



More samples


Can’t stop listening to the new WWWings album. The production is so - god, just so good - should be required listening whether or not you dig their sound.


Multiband compression is GOD


Is there any point in sending a signal through a bass amp head, as opposed to micing the speaker, to amplify a bass signal, when that can easily be done in daw?

Tl:dr will there be a timbral difference to a signal ran through a dpx amp?


There will always be timbral differences. It depends on what you are looking for in the sound. Maybe you will get a different colour by running the signal through the bass amp.

You probably need to make sure your amp has a line / DI out though. Or get yourself a DI box to record into your DAW and do further processing there.


Absolutely. I feel like every time I take things outside the box and do re-amping and such, the sound just livelies up right away. Could just be that it sounds different from the stuff inside the box, but all the mythology around saturation, odd order harmonic distortion - it’s kind of true. It really does make a difference (imo).

This is relevant for more than just tube gear fyi


For my electric bass, I would generally record it through through a tube mic-pre / DI but sometimes also mic’ing the speaker at the same time will give you the sound of the room that you can blend with the DI signal.

For synths and drum machines I usually use a DI but with that said I was running some synths and a drum machine through my little keyboard amp and it it was sounding fat. Could totally put up an SM-57 mic near the speaker.


if any given tune features a police siren then the probability of it being a good tune goes up significantly.
about 60-80%


Bounce your drums and bass submix down to tape and then back in. :bluethumb: