Random Production Thoughts


Yo, sorry for flaking out on the jam session this weekend, had a bunch of work stuff come up.

On the up side, just finished mixing a pop track with over 100 tracks :dizzy_face:

Had to get real strategic/creative with my bussing to get it down to 32 mono/16 stereo tracks for mixdown, but it would have been totally overwhelming trying to mix that many tracks without bussing and sub bussing.


Having had a couple of students over the past few months, I can tell you it’s never too late, and getting into making music is easier than ever, if you find a way that works for you. It’s seriously not that difficult to get to a level where this stuff isn’t daunting and where you’re able to make a tune that sounds decent enough on big speakers. Once you reach that level it’s a lot easier (and actually useful) to learn all kinds of deep stuff and go from there. Not trying to hawk my tuition thing here btw, just trying to encourage. Go for it. Any questions about this post just ask them here or PM me :slight_smile:


Tom i bought Signal/Cold the day it came out. Still play Signal on the regs!


Ah wicked, that’s good to hear!


i thought sex was all about getting salty milk in the end


Ok, just got my pay. And bought a decent pair of production / DJ headphones, Audio Technica M40x. Just opened it now after struggling to come home for an hour and a half of holding the box tightly hahah






how are you liking these?
i was thinking about copping the M50X, didn’t realise they did 40s. the 50s look a bit stronger.

or maybe i should get beyer DT 770. or some ultrasone (some cunt nicked my old pair) or another set of sony MDR 7506. or maybe HD25, although they’re not very comfortable :hmm:


These are very comfortable for big ears like mine, but I’m wearing glasses so have to angle them a bit. Also after a couple hours you need a little break. Bass could be a bit more audible, and after a burn-in peroid, the highs are gonna sound perfect. As they are closed-back headphones, the soundstage isn’t that wide, but if you put Brainwavz HM5 pads on them, it can sound better. Half of these things I’ve read on forums such as Headfi and Gearslutz. Still a great investment, because I needed headphones for producing and DJing. The isolation is great, and the 2 detachable cables are great as well.


this threads sick

i wanna get back on producing so bad


Me too. Currently trying to finish a paper for uni, and can’t find a single shred of writing to write from lol…


they are behringer grudge



Been playing around with the Boog tonight. Had it linked with Ableton using the arpeggiator.

It was sounding fat! The Boog is a fat sounding instrument. I’ve never had a 3 oscillator analog synth before.

Totally worth the price imo.


What’s build quality like?


Build quality feels solid to me. Not any less than something like the Microbrute.


That’s awesome. Sounds like they have smashed it


Can anyone tell me the name of the roll from a load of jump up tunes just before the drop. Mans on road jump up remix has it.


prob help to actually link the track in question m8


True true
22 seconds