Random Production Thoughts


Put my name on it instead, we can split the profit 50/50


You never know about the reaction though. this probably happens to everyone. I wanna say some of our favourite tunes are terrible to the producer, but amazing to the rest of us :confused_og:


I just record an output of my mixer straight into the daw. Punch it in whenever you want.
Anything going into the mixer can be routed straight to that one channel in the project template,
so it’s always where you want it to be. Make sure you don’t set it up to feed back though.


Go for it imo


Wow, just started using plain old Paulstretch to horrifying results. Just went and stretched Bach’s Goldberg Variations Aria and got pretty close to this:

I wanted to try this for so long now, because I was almost sure that Reitzell did the same thing. So satisfactory. :blush:


I want to make some dub bass lines using my brothers bass guitar.
How do I set it up to record it thru my laptop?

Is it that easy?


Do you have DI out on the amp? Do you have a sound card for your laptop?

You need some sort of Direct (DI) box.





Direct Inject, you can record bass without one but the impedance won’t be matched… the signal will be way, way better with a DI box


I use my compressor as a di box
But I’m sure a di box is Hella cheaper


You can also mic up the bass cab if you have a mic. I don’t think that’s a thing of the past
just yet :biggrin:

What audio interface are you using? It might have a high impedance input which would
eliminate the need for the DI. You can get a good DI for €90,- and one that will do the job
for like €40,-.


Sorry to ask all the questions but briefly what does that mean?

You mean my DAW? Audacity and Reaper


The takeaway on the impedance level mismatch is that if not matched correctly, the signal to noise ratio starts getting screwy - lots of noise.

A DI lets you match it to the input line level as needed.

Re: interface - like an external soundcard, not the stock card with 1/8" (headphone) jacks on your computer.

So instead of


You want

Bass>DI box>Audio Interface>laptop>audacity

You can probably make due without either the DI or the Interface but not both, and getting the best/cleanest recording means probably using both. Preamps are another possible ingredient.


All explained in the article cyclopian posted…and the audio interface isnt the daw, it’s the method by which you convert your analogue audio signal into your digital computer, which can then be manipulated by your daw… it’s hardware not software


Cool cheers makes more sense now.
Lots more research to do now! I seem to spend more time reading than making music haha


Get a subscription to Tape Op. Srsly.


anybody use drum machine VSTs?
pretty much everyone just uses multiple instances of their DAW’s built in sampler for drums right?

i’m thinking to make a redrum-like self-contained drum machine VST once i’ve finished the ones i’m doing atm.
like a 10 channel drum machine/sampler with multiple outputs and shit. get some m7s to make some sick patches.

i’m feeling more inspired to make plugins and shit than i am to actually make music ffs. registered a domain and everything.

anyway…anybody use drum sampler VSTs or anything?


all the drum machine samples here…


been trying to use battery for drums lately

“using” tho, stuck in 16 bars loop hell for months inspiration-wise