Random Production Thoughts


i tried battery years ago, never liked it cos of the UI

what do you think is holding you back from doing sick shit with it? just personal lack of inspiration?
don’t you think the layout of that VST is a bit shit? like, you have to click through all the tabs to do what you wanna do.

what i have in mind is something like reason’s redrum where everything is all on that one screen. simple but effective kinda thing. i think switching tabs and going through different windows kills creativity somewhat.

big up for that, i had a “Drum machines” folder already but it only has ~2k samples compared to this ~13k :wat:


just a mix of lack of inspiration, laziness and good weather making me not want to spend much time in front of the daw :lol_og:

hear you on the UI tho, its a bit confusing/complicated at first but otoh its a lot more flexible than my previous approach that was only using audio samples for drums (eg: no MIDI, like just sequencing the audio clips and using sends for FX)


Ableton’s Drum Rack is the bees knees.


Used to use Grizzly.


@faultier definitely a sign you need to buy a banjo or sth to get away from the screens, man…


is arturia drumbrute good or bad? does it really need a compressor and other shit to be good?


I’ve been considering this DI / Preamp for my bass for awhile. It has really good reviews.

I’ve also used this which you can find for pretty cheap:

I’ve ran mics through it too.


I would love to play on a Drumbrute. Never had the chance.


I dont like the sound of it at all tbh

Was properly excited for it as well when it was announced, but yeah, sounds a bit doo doo imo


I ended up buying a MachineDrum instead around the time these were announced. Do not regret that decision.

Was looking at those TR-8’s too, but I was like nah, fuck that.


the behringer 808 clone looks pengaleng tho

could never stomach the awful aesthetics of those ‘new’ roland TR boxes, back and green, looks like some shitty PC gaming peripheral

but yeah, machinedrum absolutely shits on the drumbrute in almost every way lol


Yeah, those TR’s are ugly. Patiently waiting to check out those Behringer 808’s.


no doubt ya seen this already, but if Gaz is having that much fun with it, i think its gonna be gut


i’m trying to look in to this but i don’t really understand ableton so it’s all pretty confusing lol. gonna check some videos.

big up, checking this out now.
if i can ask, why did you stop using it? and what do you use now instead?

if anybody’s got ideas for any type of VST or VSTi plugins then please hit me with them. even if you think they’re crazy or unique to your workflow.
are there certain FX chains you set up every time with multiple plugins, wishing there was a one plugin solution which is easier to tweak? anything like that.


i’ll battle you


4 reasons:

  1. I abandoned a PC workflow for iOS about 6 years ago and only recently started moving back to PC…

  2. my drum elements started getting murkier (as far as being differentiated from other sound elements) so putting them all in the same bucket became a challenge to the kind of sound design I was going for (with bussing, sends, etc.)

  3. had weird issues (with Grizzly) and volume levels not being consistent before vs after bus sends, and did all kinds of janky shit to fix the levels until I said fuck it for reason #2. I was probably doing something stupid there tho like not seeing a trim knob or sth because lots of people use it just fine with great results.

  4. my general workflow ultimately comes from the old days of using Acid 1.0-4.0, and I really like having all my elements laid out equally next to each other so I can chop and microedit to my heart’s delight. Having all the drum elements smashed into one tracklane meant that playing drum and non-drum elements against each other got much more tedious. Now the kick just lives on its own track, snare, hat, etc all on their own tracks and just use bussing or groups in Reaper to do the stuff I need to for a drum submix without having the individual drums hidden away.

Tl;dr version - there’s no real need to arbitrarily bundle drums together unless it’s a physical instrument with a dedicated live musician. And even then… :thinking:

@faultier - seems I might be inheriting a banjo soon too, if so…



Speaking of DrumBrute, I might be tempted to check out one of these. They totally redesigned it.


still sounds p awful tho


You think so? I didn’t think it sounded that bad. Different flavor though.


yeah idk, ive only seen the future music mag demo so far, I just feel it all sounds v flat and not very punchy, esp that kick drum, needs some attack settings

I have hands on experience with the normal drumbrute and the drums turn to mush in the mix, sound alright on their own tho for what it is

far from the worst budget drumbox around, but I feel like you could do a lot better by buying something a lil more expensive


I just heard about it yesterday in an email from Arturia and just heard it for the first time today. I will have to look into it more. They said they totally redesigned it from the original. I don’t really need a new drum machine anyways and I’m probably still holding out for that Behringer 808.