Random Production Thoughts


behringer is making a 909 clone too right? i was thinking bout doing the nava 909 clone but if theres gonna be a mass produced one why bother


PO-32 ($90 drumsynth running μtonic) + PO-33 (pocket sampler w slicing) clocked together + cheap multiFX box for the a fex win doe…



this actually does seem like a really interesting combo, remember you mentioning this last time we hung out as well, gonna watch some video demos on them tomo, thx for the reminder

skip the multifx and let’s run it into my modular thoo :slight_smile:

about to buy this ROM expansion for my Erica Black Hole DSP for some extra slicing action


Exactly how I like to work. I need to see everything together.
Then again I have no experience of drum racks but from what I know of them I can’t imagine I would enjoy using them.

Wooooo! What the hell is all that alien technology in that vid? That shit is amazing.


its called Eurorack and its an endless pit of audio addiction once you get involved


Yeah, they’re boring. Actually playing in your rhythms like a musician. It is much better to mouse it.


Sometimes I tap out a rhythm or (very badly) beatbox it and record the audio using my laptops external mic/audacity. Then I import the wav into reaper and use it as a guide for my beats. Makes things more organic.

Haha I would love to have a go but I fear I would end up broke and addicted.


I’m just being a sarcastic fuck. You’ve hit that magic hour where it’s late at night for me and early in the morning for you.

I’ve never moused out my rhythms. It’s just the way I work. You can still bounce those out to audio for further manipulation.

Drum Racks are brilliant because you can add effects to each part individually and the whole thing is automatically grouped to a bus so you can process them all at once as well.

Moving drums around with a mouse is just unfunky for me. Not trying to offend the mousers. Soz.


I’m trying to find a decent photo. Every track in this photo is muted.

You can mix each drum and add effects individually where you want them or process the whole thing as a bus. Bounce anything you want to audio.


I don’t use redrum cos I feel like I have less control and the wiring gets all messy when u have like eq and compression on a lot of the samples. If u could somehow get those in there without making it look grim it’s be great




I can tell just by looking at that that this riddim is extremely unfunky.


jk’in, but yes Drum Rack is seriously the best, esp like you said, it splits each drum to its own channel in a nice lil sub-group, so fast and easy to nail down a quick drum mix when youre just trying to get ideas down


to all ya’ll who know hardware, can you find any good drum machines/samplers listed in here?


it’s a marketplace for used gear


I dunno I still think I would prefer to see all my individual blocks/waveforms. I’m a visual person so seeing everything laid out is how I like to work.

Having said that, I haven’t used a drum rack yet so maybe I should.give it a whirl. Also i Haven’t progressed to learning buses and sends either so maybe it’ll all come together in one.


ableton is a bit funky at first glance bc there are really two views to the whole program, the one mks linked a pic to is basically the mixing side of things, the other view is for arrangement and you get the timeline view youre prob more accustomed to seeing in other daws


I’ll have a look today what (free) drum racks are available for reaper and give 'em a whirl. Don’t want to put up the cash if I decide to stick with my current work flow.


What are you looking to do?

I see an MPC60 in there but it is mad expensive at 1800 euros.

There’s a TR-09 which is Roland’s remake of the TR-909 at 180 euros. That doesn’t seem to be too bad of a price.

I see a MPC 5000 for 600 euros.


dats 28 pages of stuff lol

if youre looking for a drum machine, the starting place is for you to figure out what youre looking for in a drum machine. Much easier to find something you want once you figure that out.

There are a looot of ‘good’ drum machines and samplers out there.


I think I’ve heard people joking about that every sentence of his sounds like a question.