Random Production Thoughts


Makeshift studio for the afternoon.
Basic old equipment and ive got terrible speaker buzz but it’s gotta be better than producing thru shitty technics headphones right?


That was my favourite thing in Reason. Making a redrum patch with all these combi effects
and stuff. Every instance of redrum would have it’s own 16 channel mixer, it’s essentially like
having a little studio for each drum machine :badteeth:

Now I basically do all drum stuff with the rytm mk1. Just a fantastic sounding machine and
it’s super flexible with all the sequencing capabilities. Think they just released an update adding
a dual vco as a synth source, so I should be able to make some nice bass lines without using samples now.


I hate how the drum racks work with sends tho, why can’t each pad just act like a normal track?


then don’t read all the pages lol

I guess its a mixture of three things:

  1. versatility. I spotted the tr 09 there and Im kind of interested but also had me wondering if Im creative enough to use it for different styles. the sounds are so limited and rinsed

  2. independence. for example a lot of people were dissing the drumbrute because it supposedly needs compressors, bass enhancers etc extra stuff to sound good.

  3. price. the reason Im looking for 2nd hand is because I dont wanna shell out hundreds and hundres of euros for something Im not sure I’ll even use/like. Im interested in getting a drum machine so I can jam out with a mate who has synths and maybe make some tracks


lol I ended up on the seaside with my fanily and only got an old as fuk laptop, non 16x9 screen, dual core 1.66, 2gb ddr2 ram, onboard gpu with max share nemory of 224mb lol, and I have to go out and buy some blank DVDs just to reinstall windows bc the hdd is only 40gb and its full…
Gonna try and fry it while attempting to make music lol


SP-404 might do it.


volca sample

versatile, sounds good, fun to use, and cheap


Yo there’s a sequential circuits drumtraks for 550, could probably flip that for a few hundred more


but yeah I have a volca sample and it’s surprisingly capable for the price but the knobs are a lil small

I saw an mc-808 on there but for 400€, imo the mc groove boxes are pretty good so keep an eye out for those


was inspired to bust out the sample again after this convo, such a fun lil box, the motion tracking per step is actually super powerful


@discobot is that jam funky af er wut?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.



Discobot needs an expanded output set. Something… even more rando.


@discobot fortune you ■■■■ Do you even produce?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


ran this same loop from the Sample + the Volca Beats into my Eurorack for some Saturday techno fun


got some KRK KNS 8400 headphones and I like em


sampling b2b enjoyment


Bet their parties are sikk :duncelol:

Detune and add subharmonics for wikkid bass yo