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Do you just use an audio ripper for samples from YooToob or…?


Use audacity and record the output of ur soundcard



I had this eurorack module that I’ve tried to use a lot of times and just could never really integrate it well into my workflow. So I decided to sell it. When it sold on Reverb I decided to have one last go at it and something clicked. Fully fell in love with the module lol. Just shipped it off today, feeling like a dummi.


Was it the Geiger Counter?


lol, no the geiger module would never leave my set-up if I owned one

it was a Malekko Voltage Block, really really sick CV sequencer. TBH there is some hidden menu shit I really cant stand, prob the main reason I mostly never really got along with it.

trying to sell this next, some sort of cv logic switch that I still dont understand even after @knobgoblin explained it to me


Now I have some space open again thoo

thinking about grabbing that Strymon Magneto module…

edit: just copped the Magneto, fml


i usually just use one of those ‘youtube 2 mp3’ kind of sites or, depending on the sample, I’ll try and download some proper bluray HD ting. Some samples sound ‘better’ when they sound like shit

I very very rarely ever really do synthesis and all that shite on my own tracks. 99% samples from weirdo shit like youtube vids and video games

youtube is a wonderfully vast quagmire of sample material and human pain


and i know i’ve been shelling this thread with Eurorack stuff, most of which should prob be in the gear lust thread, but @sleepwalk_1980 I found this video and i think its one of the most straight forward and informational videos on Eurorack that I’ve seen yet


That’s where a lot of my stuff comes from too. I usually find shit in films, documentaries and tv shows and then open the video file in audacity and it pulls the audio straight out for you.

I use youtube mp3 converters too, just wondered how you did it. I always hear the shit in, shit out rule but yeah definitely the shitty quality sometimes gives it a nice sound.

The xfiles is amazing for vox. And I have a huge collection of ufo shit from air traffic controllers and pilots. Theyve got that beautiful degraded radio static quality, even more so when it’s ripped out of yootoob.


yess, one of my earliest tunes had an xfiles voc intro


dodgy af lol


lol he’s doomed

You’re supposed to put in a few years of actually making music on your laptop before you become a full time modular technician who mainly surfs eBay for wires all day


There are a lot of nice blu ray rips with audio quality upwards of 1500kbps, and it helps if its in 6ch, so you can really choose the dialogue channel etc, but havent tried it myself yet.


When I put an episode of XFiles into audacity, it extracts 6 channels.
Need to figure out how to do it for films. I guess I need to DL a version with 6 channels?


Link dead


Yeah it will say either DTS audio or 5.1 which is always 5 channels + sub freq channel

Dobt know how to extract the channels individually, never done that

Gonna play with that when I get home from vacation. Also, I managed to make a sime quad surround system back home, loads of fun even with stereo content


With 6 channel audio you can really easily separate the dialogue from the rest in Adobe Premiere. Especially if it’s an mp4 file. You just have to make sure the audio channel inside premiere is set to handle all 6 channels individually.

I once accidentally played a movie with just dialogue in VLC too. I think I inverted the right channel or something. Guess it was playing back a 5.1 file by consolidating L, R and Center.


re: youtube ripping, check out youtube-dl


the windows exe is stand alone and does everything.
if you wanna download a audio in best quality, open command prompt or powershell, cd next to the exe then

.\youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k2r5H2zW_g

for example

think you need ffmpeg to convert to mp3 or it will just download in youtube default format which is webm these days i think

way easier than using websites imo and way way faster
also works with video of course :gunfinger:


I cant beleive I ordered the Magneto last night

getting home from a bar drunk and logging into Reverb is dangerous af…