Random Production Thoughts


That’s an outstanding way to collapse yr checking account in short order lol.

I actually won’t allow myself to look at the gear sales there anymore. I just read the articles. :nerd_face:


yeah my drunk rationale was that i just sold a module for $300, makes perfect sense to then buy a $600 module :alpaca:

oh well, I’m excited to get it. The buyers remorse will prob disappear pretty fast after I start using it in the rack.


also just learned one of my modules can do a 25 minute lfo cycle :fro:

really fun for subtle modulation


Just do a 3hr long drone album lol


3 hours? Add Paulstretch and make it 3 days!


Ever heard of La Monte Young’s Dream House? That drone music has been going on for years!


if you’ll do an album, just make one sound with two lfo cycles go across the whole length imo


Black Album FTW



use samples with different sample rates
especially for percussion

like use a 8bit hihat
put in a shit you found on youtube

makes your hi fidel sounds stand out in the mix !

(sounds like burial, four tet, rezzett etc )


moondogs mate
not watched yet


What should I be looking for when using samples. Obv I’m using wavs but the 44.1 hz and shit like that got me confused…


CD quality standard = 16 bit

Standard the most people produce at = 24 bit

44.1 Khz sample rate is the most common. Mainstream commercial devices used to record at 48 Khz. The quality you get from recording at 96 Khz is negligible to what humans can actually hear and makes your files a lot larger.

Someone refute me please.


yeah ^

even easier is just sampling videos in crap quality, then you get youtube compression/degration on top

a thing like jdownloader is neat for youtube

you get a feeling for which sounds go
but anything perc


LOVE Partch. Thanks for that.


Ive been using 16bit this whole time, thinking about switching to a higher bitrate now that I have the Motu interface, but everytime I try to read about word clocks and all that shit my balls retract into my stomach in fear and I just turn on my 12bit roland mixer and get back to work


You’re fucking with me. People want to know though.


im not fuckin with you, 16bits is a lot of bits tbf


24 bits is a lot more headroom.


yeah i know how that part of it works, i get it i get it.

will make the switch someday when my bits align

gonna have to change how i work tho because my sound heavily relies on bad mixing and horrible digital clipping sounds

and tbh, i havent even opened ableton up properly in some time now. been stuck in neckbeard euro land


Sorry, I was being aggro. But still: