Random Production Thoughts


you can hear the 24 / 16 difference with reverbs rendered

but fuck that your sound is brilliant :sunglasses:


i was looking for the moondog film viking on 6th avenue … its not up yet
but that vid came up

i dont know partch’ music but looks amazing with those … things
gonna checky


sick, hadnt heard of it
looks like its still in production tho, they still take donations on their website:


yeah its weird with that kick starter

i think it is done tho
with trailers and everything

cant wait


I remember reading something by a famous audio engineer - maybe Katz? - That said 20 bits was the max necessary to capture the level of sonic range/detail of human hearing.


Anyone have any tips for figuring out a sample’s chord progression/root note? I normally kind of just end up guessing and going with whatever sounds decent

or sometimes I’ll try and match up a sine wave with the sound


I will just play a keyboard with the sample. So if you know the keyboard is in key and a C3 is a C3, tune it to where it needs to be and be free.

Also change your sample’s root note to the note it actually is.


Your mixes always sound great.


appreciate that man, i guess im just saying I rely on all sorts of stuff to help me mix, im very non-technical when it comes to my mixdowns and bit rates and all that, just working with my set up and making beets and trying not to mess anything up too bad haha.


I’m more of a creative, vibe producer rather than a technical producer myself tbh.


ye ye, there is def something to be said about the peeps that can really focus in everything on the technical side as well, but fuck, for me personally its just draining and kills my creativity

I can just barely hold a vibe together let alone a bunch of technical infos

people than can do both…:cannon:


I don’t really ever mouse stuff in. I play it all live for the most part. I’m going to pull out my electric bass again too.


i dont know how to play any traditional instruments at all, I learned everything from the ground up using a mouse starting when i was 16, but really got serious about it when i was 20 or so. Mouse is my muse. Spent the last few years obviously departing from my mouse world. But the mouse is still the centerpiece of my own musical control hehe.

I actually learned FL studio a bit as a solution to a problem i had when editing a skate video I was filming, that was my intro to it all. Couple years later, I had to edit this audio interview and add in some pads and sound fx, and it kinda clicked right then how powerful the software was and I was hooked.


Also got the Magneto today. It’s a big tnuc so I had to remove some modules. Decided to fully rearrange the rack.


The Magneto is going to nice!!


yeah im excited, I had to force myself to not even power it on tonight or i’d be up all night learning the ting

also excited about changing other old modules around on the rack, I spent a long time moving things around and trying to think about workflow which led to some new patch ideas, think it will be fun exploring some new ideas with the ‘new’ set-up


let’s discuss what kind of production methods do you guys think are applied to the modern, experimental side of electronic music today? or as it is known on here, Brut™

it’s interesting, because more often than not there’s a certain, fresh DIY aesthetic to the whole scene, ie not a lot of it is released on vinyl but mostly as soundcloud/bandcamp downloads, dj’s don’t appear to boast with extensive knowledge of music mut are more focused on their own stuff or that of their peers… very hard to explain what I mean. I was just wondering, do they use hardware? or how do you get those really raw, percussive, noisey sounds that don’t sound like any software synth or drum samples

of course there is also the stuff that’s basically just a more distorted, brutal version of ballroom/jersey/grime/reggaeton but I can imagine how you make those. Im more interested in the experimental “power ambient” and noise side


Just spend two days to clean my “studio” and my upstairs bedroom, I’m so happy now because the rooms got so cluttered with mess and got dirty after spending 2 weeks on the seaside. I’m suprised just how much the clean enviroment gives me a productive boost. Just have to go downtown, but when I return, can’t wait to work on some music. :smiley:


whos technical now that you listen to that blow you away though?

feel like anything worthy for years has been going against that clean bs

even a guy like zaythoven is software and then some desk colouring … i just cant think of an artist that would fit that

(guess i side technical with clean sounding which is incorrect)


I think I’ve been listening to a lot of modern experimental music but I’ve never heard of Brut?