Random Production Thoughts


Dūt… Get Brut. :space_invader:


i dont trust a genre axed doesnt know about


The stuff that I heard sounds like tape music producers doing industrial or noise.
There’s a lot of reverb for a style of music with a name like brut :badteeth:


Just use a bitcrusher for changing sample rate of individual channels/parts. Good for making busy hi end elements stand out from each other imo.

the less bullshit you gotta do with converting and dragging shit around outside the daw the better


typically dismissive of you lol

brut is just a tongue in cheek name Ronzlo made up to unify a certain style of post-club/deconstructed club stuff that was blowing up a few years back i.e Wwwings, 111x, Rabit, Dedekind Cut etc


it’s cool that you just namedropped 111x

also seeing you edit that post live was vibes


I dont think most of them use any hardware at all.

I’ve heard some very modular sounding stuff from FIS in terms of sound design

You should post up an example here of the sort of tune youre asking about


cba that would be too specific. harkat might be on the right track, maybe it’s just really bitcrushed normal samples that are chopped in percussive patterns. but ambient elements are also very common and that’s difficult for me to figure out, like how do you make ambient with a grid and point and click.


ya defo, all sorts of distortion effects and mid/side techniques as well

and always gotta remember, since the genre is typically super sample heavy, they might be using samples from hardware or hardware signal chains

the ambient stuff should probably be played out on some keys or programmed generatively


Need to get more Howl sets up so people can drink in the glory of de Brut.


Man, she didn’t even record the last one. She says she has no hdd space and I was like fuck I’ll send you an external hdd for free for future use. She said no tho haha


Dude! That makes me so sad. We might have to just start ripping the streams.


It’s a strange (sub?) genre. It’s seems like it doesn’t matter what parent-genre your track aligns with, if it’s lo-fi & industrial/noise influenced, then it becomes Brut/Madshit/Ruffian etc? (Kinda what we did with Moop haha)

But then there’s tracks I’ve listened to that are just straight up noise/powernoise.
Or tracks that sound like what has been coming out on Ad Noiseam, or Ant-Zen, or Planet Mu for years and years.Or some of it just sounds like off-grid dubstep. Why’s it need another name? Brut is the dumbest name I ever heard.

I don’t know if I’m having a moan or what my point is really. I had one and now I’ve lost it.


idk man, just leave it be then?

hardly like anyone’s forcing the music or the moniker on ya haha

not sure where the lo-fi references are coming from tho, most of the stuff i’d consider in the genre is extremely digital and clinical sounding.


No I like the music. Just Brut is a silly name.

I think I meant distorted rather than lo-fi. Lots of noise, static and rumbles.


BAN! 🤡

Dumb name means it’s guaranteed to be successful lol. The best genres often have gash names. And p much everything @cyclopian said.

I coined the term because of:

-brutalist architecture,

-the original meaning of Brut in French (rough, unsweetened),

-the obvious overlap with the word “brute”, and

-the fact that a google image search for the word yields nothing but pictures of champagne and deodorant.

I also think some of you lot are confusing noisy/distorted with lo-fi.




PS: you come up with a better name.


Nah man, keep Brut.
Now you’ve explained it, the name makes a LOT more sense. It works.

And yeah I do interchange distorted with lo-fi a lot. Slap on the wrist.


YESSSS. Holy shit that’s pithy af.

Props to @sleepwalk_1980 for seeing the dark. :wink:

Everything here only reinforces…



damn i heard the term outside of here
feel dirty now not seeing it unfold