Random Production Thoughts


I got something for ya…


just deleted everything from my soundcloud, nearly 10 years worth of stuff


what the hell man you having a meltdown? you had some really good stuff glad I got them files




haha! no, no meltdown

i just felt this pressure for awhile now where when i upload stuff it will be judged against the other stuff on my soundcloud.

It just created this weird thing for me where I never knew what to upload and I realized im only uploading things i think people will like instead of what I like.

Decided to go for a clean slate. More of a personal thing than anything I think

Neurotic shit tbh






Which is why I currently have 4 sound cloud aliases for different kinds of music I want to make.
Don’t want it all getting muddled up


Shit man, I’ve still got the first songs I’ve ever made on mine. They’re utter shit, but I like having them up there. I think it’s nice to see how far I’ve progressed


I have three but I put most of my stuff on my own web server anyways.


Pretty common for people to hear older songs and like them better sometimes.



This is what I’ve been working on…

New noise project by the name of Interrogator
My process and thinking for these tracks was to go completely offgrid, to get away from EQ-ing, structure, and stressing over every last detail, and just get CRAZY.

I wanted to make 3 tracks that were quick and dirty but still hit hard. So…

  1. I uploaded a sample into Reaper, a grimy reecey synth hit with a nice long tail. I repeated it a bunch of times, stretched some samples, condensed others, overlapped some, until I had enough for 5 minutes.

  2. I loaded in 4 VSTs;
    OrilRiver Reverb
    Krush Bitcrusher
    Valhalla FreqEcho Delay/Reverb/etc
    and Avocado Ducking Glitch Generator which comes with Reaper.

  3. I wired my Mac into itself so that it would record in Audacity whatever was playing in Reaper.
    The only thing here is - I can’t actually hear what is playing!

  4. then hit play in Repaer & record in Audacity and go nuts! Mess with all those VSTs, adjust the settings, fiddle about with the dials and sliders, turn some off and keep others on etc etc, all the while having no idea what it sounds like!

  5. Do this for 5 minutes and then see what I’ve got in Audacity.

My selfimposed regulations for this project were;

  1. No grid, no snapping.
  2. Only allowed to use sounds found in the recording.
  3. No additional VSTs or effects (except for fade in/out to eliminate the “pop” you sometimes get at the start/end of a sample.)
  4. Track must be bulit in Audcaity.

That’s it. It was a ton of fun and very liberating to not worry about the usual production things.
It’s on SC. Download it if you want.

There will be more.


Nice work


Thanks dude. Next time I’m going to run it for ten minutes and leave longer stretches where I don’t touch the filters so much so I get more to work with.


I got this sick new bit of software on Steam of all places, its called Cathodemer, its a video synth/crt simulator. Soo fun so far. Recorded this shitty vid on my celly, trying to learn how it works by trying to programing some stuff over a track by The Sprawl.

Makes me want to get a projector hooked up to my computer and project this shit over my “dj booth” on the other side of the room for when I have guests on the radio show.



I realized all the controls for this software are midi mappable. Got my APC40mk2 running things now, soo fucking fun having hands on controls.


Can you use that as part of a chain - like sending manipulated video through to manipulate further?


i think you can… im still learning the software its quite deep, you can load gifs in to use as a alpha masks though which is super fun

made this video tonight using the midi controller, most fun I’ve had in a loong time.

seriously considering investing in a projector now esp with the midi controller, really opens things up for live creativity and I think there is way to use external audio sources as a modulation source but im still trying to figure that out

I would love to try and make some sort of video accompaniment to a @knobgoblin hardware set sometime…


sadly now I just want to buy LZX Industries hardware more than ever.