Random Production Thoughts


unless you change tempo mid tune then go back again…

that one used to fuck with my spangled head in the club




yeah man, killer tune btw, also the breakdown tempo drop in this classic


Thats a pretty good way to look at it imo, style being something that just happens. was reading the other day how someone said “imitate and what is personal will come through”. and i guess burial got his personal sound from imitating garage, as weird as that sounds.

the other extreme is also there though, where it feels as if the whole thing is just an imitation and nothing more. and that could be a putdown. tbh im feeling more and more that imitation is just unavoidable even. at some stage the work will always have to resemble something. otherwise it’ll just be abstract and kinda sleepy

turn up and keep working, easier said than done haha


“blahblah” had me fooled, that was serious. yeah, actually got the imitation thing from the Picasso era. Probably gonna sound uninformed, but it feels like music today is kind of where painting was in Picasso’s time. Its everywhere but its also kind of emptied out. Or is it “writing” music that has lost its hold…

Yeah, got a point, was a lazy comment about easier said. hard to focus etc. Plus it really is a vicious cycle here, for the sake of endurance I go into some wage slave situation for financial support, and the art gets put to the side.

Btw how are the 305s? Might grab a pair


Yea we work in order to live but do we really have time or money to live idk

Also I second this monitor question cos im gonna need some when I move into my own place eventually…

My krks broke :frowning:


I’m loving the Sountoys effects plugins.


gr8 tune


It’s amazing how you see tunes with more depth when on a better set-up, and it shows in your productions, my set-up is basic a/f atm but I have access to a pro studio at the place where I work.


i’m glad my that 90% of my vsts are freeware because reinstalling the remaining 10% is LONG



The only way to improve is to work, simply put. I feel as though sometimes you gotta give yourself a motive to finish projects, collaborations are usually my go-to solution for that. I’m currently working with a group of enthusiastic but amateur rappers as well as an indie singer/guitarist on separate projects and I gotta say that my output has tripled at least.


I feel like quality can only be improved by experience. I’ve been using pretty much nothing but my cracked FL Studio 10 and a good pair of headphones for the past couple years and seen crazy improvement through only learning about proper mixing, composition techniques, synthesizing and really just going by ear.

What kind of quality do you think is gained through the use of a proper studio?


I guess it’s just easier to refenrece a mixdown for one, then having access to legitimate software makes issues like crashing a lot be avoided, as well as higher CPU on the computers, I could probably think of more, I use a basic setup, but important to reference stuff on several setups.


I’m going to start versioning my tracks Jamaican style. I get a good riddim but sometimes I am unsure of what is on top of it. I’m going to scratch it and re-use the riddim.


I almost never bouce my tracks, I should begin doing that. I never finish projects because I leave them in MIDI. I have to start bouncing tracks and just jamming with my Korg Nanokontrol. And I guess I’m writing this to remind myself to do it haha

Been listening to Tim Hecker, fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto lately again, probably will start to do some stuff like that, and learning how to play a keyboard wouldn’t hurt.


I rarely bounce, only if there is a specific reason I need to. I usually leave parts in MIDI. I grew up using hardware so it was always like that; I’m used to it.

Mixdowns were live to DAT or MiniDisc and if you fucked up, you started over. I was really influenced by Dub, so I was already on the idea of using the mixing board as an instrument and using the whole studio as an instrument.

So many different ways you can work though.


Yeah, I feel you. I need to pick the project files that I’m gonna keep and just delete the rest so I can stay focused.


recently im struggling to finish dubstep tunes but im like firing out trap beats left right and center lmao

really need to sort out my beat pages


Yeah referencing stuff is def something that I can agree with. I guess I’ve gotten lucky with my cracked software, it hasn’t crashed once. Although it’s out of date, it still works like a dream.