Random Production Thoughts


My old housemate was an early convert to working with Max/MSP to control video. He ended up touring the world with Radiohead as their projectionist.


just had a 4 year old track from sc released
so theres that angle

also maybe that people that do lables stuff is behind what producers percieve as the now

especially us maybe



muckin about with more video synthesis today, got a really terrible webcam hooked up now to use as another source for video and even modulation



alright will stop spamming this thred with these now haha, 2 much fun to make tho


no please post them

its inspiring how much time you spend on all this stuff

people benefit from seeing the dedication

let alone it being interesting to see




tune and video both bang

big up man.


Big man Andy


Btw if you have an iDevice I can’t recommend SpaceCraft strongly enough. So many random, weird sounds… and fun to play.



I’m channeling my inner Tangerine Dream.



However most bedroom producers have to through that beige stage first to learn the ropes. It’s a rare thing to find a mould breaker straight out the box. The beige stage, I would argue, is an integral part of learning to produce.

And the saturation of subpar music is entirely down to the Internet with its “everything, all of the time” setup. Average producers have always been around, they’re just more accessible now.

You have to learn the rules to be able break them as someone once said


there might be actual information in that article, but stopped reading after the first chapter

The kick-drum drops out, reach towards the ceiling, the air is filled with whoops and whistles. Then a long whoosh of white noise simultaneously builds the tension whilst signalling the fact that the kick and b-line are about to drop. When they do, everyone is briefly animated for a minute, but then the energy in the room starts to flag — but don’t worry, because they’ll be another near-identical breakdown in about thirty seconds where we can all do it again.

this to me at least only describes whatever passes for edm these days and other bait shit. what happens in proper clubs is more interesting as we all know


nahhh people who write about music are just constantly bored

A lot of music follows patterns of its style strictly but still feels exciting, a lot of music tries hard to be off kilter and ends up nowhere. Its more complicated than that. If youre listening and vetting drum patterns for originality etc then youre gonna miss all the important shit imo

Like topmo said what he describes here sounds like some boring tech house or edm night with confetti cannons…theres other stuff too.


I’m mixing a Techno track right now and I reference with this:

And I wonder why these tracks sound like they’re mixed in a bathtub :bathtub: If you get what I mean…
I noticed that with other Techno artists / tracks too.

I imagine it could be an extremely short reverb, or a panned delay or something.
I could actually recreate that somewhat by using u-he Satin’s tape flanging effect on the master bus .

Why is mixed like this? Is it some kind of a loudness trick or so?


I think I’m going to start putting samples of dj Khalid in all my songs so people think my songs are the best music


You talking about the synced LFO bandpass “swish swoosh” ting?


Nope, I mean the whole track, it’s more apparent in Ubiquitous - there’s a “hollow” sound to it - as if there would be something going on on the master bus.

IDK, maybe some phase shifting thing, or stereo widening, or some effect I mentioned before, I’m not sure.