Random Production Thoughts


So you just hear the raw input with no reverb?


Yes that is correct


Try putting the reverb on a send and see if. That works

Or just send the channel to the default reverb send since it’s alreasy there


won’t work… goddamit


Hmm I can’t actually check Ableton right now but if no one else helps ya I’ll take a look after work tomo and get back to ya. Can’t really remember off the top of my head

Maybe @Phigure knows?


dw bro restarted, unplugged an plugged back in and now it works.


Also External Effect device too. For the longest time I used an outboard Lexicon effects unit with Ableton instead of a vst.


you guys are blowing my mind rn


I have my sends all set up with these for my gear rack and then saved as the opening template for Ableton :gunfinger:


Phigure Christmas present:

(just donkin your bass bro)


I ripped the audio from this awful phone footage of Lion VIP playing live.
You can’t even recognise it but it’s now a welcome additon to my noise, glitches and static sample folder


got my heresy’s today, they slap




this vst looked interesting, so i downloaded the demo and its a super fun delay! overdrive actually sounds p good too

although it wasnt your intent, thanks for the heads up on this


if you (or anyone else) have got a focusrite interface, you can get it for free:


happy to hear that btw, i didn’t actually bother testing it after that :lol_og:


lmao, this vid.

“analog compression”
“improves quality”
“better dynamics”