Random Production Thoughts


Still using reason 5 lmao


That’s actually pretty hardcore.


It’s dope I never wanna change


I produced for years on software that was seriously outdated on a 1980’s Apple using it as a MIDI sequencer.

If you have something that works, use it.




Idk I think I had a stroke lol.


Actually it was a Mac LC II released in 1992 for $1400. I put it into service around 1995 or 1996. I was using software called Opcode Vision. Another chapter in my journeys through my Technological Detritus theory.


my grandpa used to have a really old ass computer ( can’t remember what it was I just remember it was one of the ones that didn’t have a mouse and was purely console controlled) cuz some software he needed to use for his business could only run off that thing lol.
Same kind of thing happened with my dad where he had to use windows 94’ for the longest time due to software not running on new OS


That old game, software vs hardware.

When I rebuild my hardware studio I’m going to have to deal with some shit. Like my audio interface is firewire and that seems to be a deprecated format. MIDI drivers don’t work since XP. :rage:


overall, i think connectivity is much more solid and easy (overall) these days, but yeah it does fucking suck

still use some scsi shit at my office and its a constant reminder of how much progress we have made lol


Haha there’s this one really old printer that some companies use, to program messages you have to run software on your computer and then use like 3 different kinds of converter cables to hook it up. Half the time the software doesn’t even work and you have to pretty much unplug everything and re-hook it up lol. Outdated stuff is funny


I still have to deal with some scsi drives in some servers that I work with.


This was my first sequencer:

I still have one. I don’t have my original one but at some point in the 2000’s I bought another one.


Yeah really struggling to be inspired lately and although there are plenty of other factors probably weighing in (situation at home, discontent with my job, insomnia :tired_face: ) I really feel like there’s something about devices with screens that’s stifling me too. Like, I just want to sculpt raw sound with my hands at this point.

Music, sweet music/
I wish I could caress, and kiss, kiss…

Hardware is the obv. answer but there has to be more… :hmm:


Might be worthwhile to try and focus on a different form of artistic expression for a bit. Painting, writing, learning how to wank left handed etc. This helps me a lot when im feeling a bit meh musically.


Good suggestion man. Have plenty of other creative interests but this didn’t even occur to me.

Been trying to cultivate more self-discipline and focus by putting down the goddamned phone and reading books irl (btw, almost done w/ that MicroBionic one you wanted to borrow.) It sort of helps, but more for providing grist for thought than anything else.

Also considered joining SF Taiko Dojo or one of the samba Baterias around town. We’ll see.


A bit random, but I love the comparison they make to painting here in the first few minutes. A reminder that this stuff is all linked together. Its not painting, music, film, or video. Its expression via different tools; and breaking all the rules with those tools. I think its a healthy reminder for any artist feeling a bit ‘trapped’ in what they do.

You already know, these two have changed my whole perspective on tings; can’t recommend delving into their works enough.

Also, let me know how that taiko workshop is, thats something I’ve always been interested in trying out myself. Lets do some taiko and pint therapy in the near future.


Yeah man, pick up some hand drums or another instrument. Break out of the electronic stuff sometimes.


I don’t know how intreresting this is to all of you, but I think this guy talks about some interesting stuff.

And I’m finally done with one of my oldish tunes, to the point that I don’t even care how it sounds to me, just fixing the mixdown a bit more for now. Maybe I will join in on the tuna challenge but don’t have stable internet connection right now.

EDIT: Actually, how do you decide when a track is done? I still have everything in MIDI but I don’t want to mess around with it any longer or I’ll lose the idea completely.


There’s nothing directly applicable in here, but holy fucking shit did my brain explode