Random Production Thoughts


As I add some Jamaican vocal samples to my tune…


I’ve never really messed around with trackers. What tracker is that?


the top bar says PlayerPro

Idk, its aphex twin’s video


BINGO. It’s an attempt to appropriate a signifier… of what I don’t know exactly. Maybe authenticity. (Dun worry mks, you’re plenty real. :bluethumb:)


I’m real rudebwoy. :lol_og:


Everytime I hear something by Aphex Twin, I just end up thinking, how the hell can a human being come up with something like this? Really sick stuff.


I have a metric shit ton of .sf2 archives somewhere… :hmm:


Cant wait to get home (although im enjoying the seaside), i just make notes when a music idea hits me, and also certain sound design ideaz. Thank the God Emperor for Onenote :slight_smile:


i used to have a note list on my old nokia that used to say things like: “add maracas and pitched down tamourines rasclart”.

id go home and read em and be like wtf?


Well I try and add some context haha
And when i hear something cool in a tune i just note it down “this sound at 3.42”


Like epiphanies on drugs lol

:sunflower: ))) :musical_note: :smashedlol:


Is there some any thread where we could post tracks for feedback?





:lol_og: :confused_og:


I really dislike dongles and refuse to use them. I mistakenly bought a Lexicon reverb last November that requires a hardware iLok. I mistakenly thought I could just the the software iLok like I can with Soundtoys plugins but I was wrong. Now it is just sitting there doing nothing and $50 wasted.

In the meantime I bought an Eventide reverb that uses the software iLok and therefore gets used. Sorry Lexicon, you lost out.


I’m liking the sound of the Oberheim SEM synth. Alas, I only have the plugin recreation but I’m liking it nonetheless.


how to make that sub/kick with a lot of high frequency stuff on it? lol hard to explain, sounds like analog(?) so it’s probably a drum machine or something? in a loads of stuff but here’s an example


sounds like ring modulation, with loads of crunchy tube distortion


Random fact: Tom oberheim is basically my next door neighbor hehe.

My friend just copped that synth though and it’s probably my fav synth of all time now after mucking about with it. So many ‘sweet spots’.

What software emulation are you using, would be interested to try it out myself