Random Production Thoughts


I’m using the Arturia SEM V. It is sounding good!



What @swerver said - I think maybe bitcrush and ring mod.


^bitcrushing combined with resampling was what I was thinking too.


@hubb sent me down the rabbit hole by posting a link to a freeware plug… the developer happens to be someone rated very highly in the plug community and he has a shit ton of awesome free tools for both Mac and Windows. (airwindows.com) …His Console4 is very highly rated.


I’d never thought of using a transient shaper to suppress peaks instead of accentuate them, but that’s what tape did essentially - squash the transient bursts. Totally new idea for me.


Whosampled is sent by the gods to us measly humans…


a good example of what you are saying is the drop imo

what was essentially just a groove point ‘musically’ becomes an alarm for people that want to trainspot in an exchange instead of simply listening - yet they do ‘feel’ music adress that happening though which is interesting.

its sort of wittgensteinian lingual games innit

Wittgenstein’s remarks on “Games and Definitions” could be
applied to aesthetics. The nature of art is like that of the nature of
games. If we look carefully and see what it is that we called ‘art’ we
will find no common properties but discern strands of similarities.
Knowing what art is not discovering some manifest or latent essence
but being able to recognize, describe and explain those things we
call art by virtue of these similarities.

captain hubvious but maybe some of the boys havent got into wittgenman yet :blazing:


In Ableton, is there any way to filter an incoming note signal from a different midi channel running Ctulhu, so that I can “extract” the lowest note of the chord being played?
Haven’t looked into M4L solutions yet tbf.


This thread is for general questions with music production. :grinning:

Users may post any inquiry they need in relation to production here. :grin:

The goal is for answers with replies. :innocent:

So please, ask away & answer any one’s questions that you know the answer! :rofl:

Here’s a great one:

Is it legal to use soundclips from movies/video games in songs? :robot:

Can the artist use plug-ins or other methods to distort the sounds far past identification? :id:

In other words, is there any way the industry can catch people who hide sounds under effects?:eyes:

What is the probability of getting caught for this, as well as the possible penalty? :ear:

Thank you for everything!




That’s the whole point imo. Creative sampling and resampling. The great game. The never ending hunt for cool samples that are usable, haven’t been bled dry, that inspire you to transform them into something new, and that aren’t gonna bait 8000 angry hornetlike lawyers (assuming you’re even making enough or are on the radar enough for them to notice.)

The only explicit rule is that if it’s copyrighted and they can prove it (and they have a lot more money and resources than you) then they can sue you. If it’s something recognizable, or if they have that much of a hard-on for tracking down violators, then it’s stacked against you in a worst case situation.

And although a lot of us are fairly casual about a lot of it still, AI search algorithms are getting better at finding these things all the time. At the point where they can loose effective recognition crawlers on the internet cheaply enough they will.

FWIW for me the resculpting/refashioning of a sound is like the whole point though - I don’t want to sound like someone else anyway.


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this… i got high once and i got he same vibe. Like i had a habit of looking ofr vocal samples with specific phrases or words and vowels. But i realized that the content dosent matter only the musical quality of it.

ofc i havent implemented this an any of my new shitty productions but.


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Read an old interview with Eno where he talks about writing lyrics and could not give a fuck what they actually “mean” - it’s only about how they sound musically. I dig that.


I think Kurt Cobain said he did the same


I think the dude from Yes said the same as well and thats pretty obvious if you listen to their lyrics


young thug lol


It is time for some asymmetrical musical warfare. I pulled out the Moog last night and I updated the firmware on my Beatstep Pro.