RAP 2020

New preview of my new tune prod by @Harkat

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rich the kid on a uk drill beat


Fucking knew that 808Melo was going to set trends working with PopSmoke.

Been catching up with Drain Gang, all their new stuff is so so good
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I love that spinnin tune by Thaiboy

I love that bit where he’s like “I count it upppp, money paper cuttin” but with like weird pitch bend on it

So much good drain gang also listen to the new Ecco 2k album

yeah this one is out of this world

This year has been great for DG, it feels like since 2017 when I first got into their music, their output and quality have increased tenfold.

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Yo they were gravity boys before and they had amazing music out then too it’s just mad futuristic now. Tbh at the time like 2014 when the first comp came out they sounded way ahead of their time too

I’m gonna have to do the hipster thing and tell u to scope out the Chief Keef shit that heavily inspired that lot too

so long story short, got into a youtube rabbit hole of luka doncic inspired autotune mumble rap at work

instrumental on this is sick imo

this one is nice too, nice 90’s rnb vibes to it

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rinsing this





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140BPM, fun to slam into the mix

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feelin this wan, and it’s circa 140, u know if/when it’s released?

A lot of tracks these days just get released to YouTube, you’re probably gonna have to just rip it as best you can

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ok lol, will try and get a dece rip