RAP 2027. (Harkat rap nuum Q & no A) Harkat keeping his knowledge secret in light of the bourgs invasion into rap

Just making a new one of these threads on the new forum…


found da thread. time to fuck it up

new EP from minnesota’s best

also been listening to these a lot

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yung god mixtape

new makonnen and key featured on some dudes song. pretty sure key bailed my friend outta jail too :smiley:

ODB >>>

video i made for a really old ugly mane song

new ugly mane album should be coming out real soon

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this yute’s making some mad ting percs with his head

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cant believe i missed this one

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this is unexpectedly good

sosa country album coming soon


:triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

satan squad muzik

nice one

going to check all of this

from jamie vex’d/kuedo’s truant’s mix

maybe a bit too uk rxxltrvpshxt but that little melody really comes together with the hook

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my dick keeps falling off to this

so good !

damn son someone killed capo from glo gang

glo in peace