Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs



this veryy coveted playboi carti track finally leaked in full today

harry fraud beat



beat on that is so nice


beautiful memphis shit


carti keeps leaking


been caning this


quite cheef keefish rly innit

a fucking banger for sure
fucking love this rn




Tape finally out after years of waiting

Not every tracks a banger but they finally released a couple of the tracks we’ve been waiting for for ages

im with dro, got that pack, goin for the low


Been waiting too long for this Carti tape, my favourite “new” rapper for sure. Surely a freshman this year!


That stupid list is always full of well established artists lmao

I don’t get it


Been listening to lil boat mixtape in the car and it’s been making me so happy.

Lil yachty can honestly cure depression.


the only good thing to come out of last year was Kodak dissing the beat he was rapping on in the cipher


Is it true that it’s not as good as it should have been

A lot of disappointed fans on twitter


Gonna burn it to cd anyway for the car it could be a grower not a shower


people will have unrealistic expectations for something this hyped

If you were expecting soundcloud trap illmatic its definitely not that.

I’m just happy we got a lot of the tracks that have been leaked in shit quality snippets, and they bang like they should. On my first couple listens I don’t think this comes close to his best shit like Smash but Let it Go, Kelly K and Had To are all pretty fire.

Kinda wish he’d put the remix of Lost with Rocky instead of the new ft. Rocky tune.

I just hope this means he keeps putting stuff out regularly now and we get more shit prod Ethereal by him.


Yea i wasn’t really that excited just cos it’s been so long now lol.

That should help me enjoy it more imo