Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


these are big boy feelings



addicted to this shit today

pierre bourne took over the beats game in about 4 months


The new tyler the creator bit had me nodding when I first heard it. Listened to it on the rig and the mix down ain’t that good on it so I fell off. The idea this song wants to be is rude af in my mind tho. Like imagine this with some crisp (cringing as I say it) neuro mixdown.


he’s such a talented producer imo, apparently he knocks tracks out in like one take so mix down quality don’t surprise me


that chorus is dangerous



another beautiful pierre beat



I just booked to go see drain gang (blader, Thaiboy, ecco2k etc) in Sheffield October 12 anyone wanna come with?




dark ass east coast shit

pistol and a scale fuck a wishing well



in the trap house whippin up a whoolee keeeyy :gunfinger:

good old underwater spastic autotune shit


this remake of the instrumental bangs too, almost harder than the OG beat

snare shuffle goin in




Love to listen this music from my new IEMs 1more triple drivers best headphones I ever had.



been ages since i played GTA V. Didn’t realize how dope this is


yeah fucking love that one