Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs



lol future sounds like hes actually dying on grouphome

chill with the codeine guys innit



this is my favorite one after listening for a whole morning hahaha

love the retarded dancing


he reminds me of beck somehow


had this on repeat. The bassline on it.

soundcloud has 1mill and this got 43k over a couple of days.

worth watching for the Fox news footage of the rappers at the start


beat sounds like grime or mumdance or smth






I got 8AM thots, 7PM thots :cannon:


fuckkkk how have i not heard this


I posted drake in here lol. I never listen to him but I heard about that track and it wasn’t bad. I’m more about this rap


you need to enter the dj lucas/dark world mindstate immediately:


my homie turned me on to the dark world boys a while ago, couldnt really get into anyone besides dj lucas

smokin gas by the pumpman, im on drugs i aint drunk man


Sly C broooo

also rapping on this isnt all that but the lucas beat is deadly:




Love the beats on his tracks, this ones kinda cool tho cause it’s just straight zaytoven instead


someone should tell thugger never to go full retard

his music fits a cool runnings soundtrack now
mongoloid wycleff guitars all over his shit
as bad as barter 6 was dope


like this

so fucking spastic

deserves to be sidelined for a whiiiiiiiiiiile