Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


lol that kinda shit is how all my basic taste m8s are getting into him now. You’re right in that some of that goes a bit limp sometimes.

They love that beautiful thugger girls album. NGL lie tho a fair amount of that shit is good imo, he can do the pop stuff well even though I don’t really listen to it on my own time.

This is one of those perfect squad tracks for my cirlce, nice and raw but catchy and “big” sounding enough for em

my pocket - itlooklikeabookwitha worm init


its okay now dont get me wrong

that ep with this ‘for my people’ track was the beginning of the low
half the songs on there were bad

hes maintained that since
but also the tracks are smoother and less spacey now

but the jeffery album, thugger girls and now this future collab thing could really be boiled down to 1 cool ep imo


I don’t have a full knowledge of thuggers discog tbh, heard most of the popular bangers and a couple tapes, the 2014 metro shit is prolly my fav. Speed Racer, Blanguage, those. Whats the best shit would u say? Barter 6?

Think I’ve tried to sell you on this guy b4 lol but he really is the best new guy out for weirdo singing trap IMO, check these


barter 6 has the production side down too
probably the best combo yeah

cool, will do !


best tune on that last Future & Thug tape.

when it comes to collabs it gonna be very hard to top WATTBA,

Even that new Metro x Offset & 21 savage misses it for me


what a nice dude
totally sympatic guy

i thought he was mid 30s lol


lol he seemed to lose a few screws around the last time he went to jail. His tax season podcast interview was hilarious, he was tryna fuck the cohost

some good music tho i don’t really keep up with him



So many bassfgts on here dont even know how rel this vid is


also jake one

fgt conts. dont even ratio skin the likes. This aint pittsburg. It;s rel net.



gotta get my racks up, gotta get my back rubbed


Chxpo X kirb


Really been digging Kirk Knight of Pro Era Crew lately
One Knight // Scorpio



euro-wiggaz in here listening to the softest jankstepsynthtrap ever. Cant wait to hear the comments if you even understand lyrics at 90 bpm (180 for laymen illiterate). Scrub-ass trap wank cockjockies get on the real coast east coast.


:lol_og: on the shandies last night?


no data
most people were into that aswell

you’re being the lynyrd skynyrd dad at the grunge show :gift_heart:


Lol u think people don’t know who necro is ur an idiot

I got bored of all the horror core and hardcore shit years ago cos it’s all the same



Don’t get mad at it b. Was just drunk shitposting listening to aggressive music. Got proper tuned up last night and couldn’t find the fucked thread.