Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs






das racist ruined clever rap for everyone

nobody can be as smartypants as them ever again

they’re so clever that they’re annoyed by how clever they are and they dont even like giving a fuck about it

“In there like a triple A battery up in the digital scale in the kitchen with the coca cola corporation kickin it with me…Pepsico too” fucks sake

dont even try to sound smart anymore rappers, its embarassing.

Its that 2000s thing of clever rap over really stupid beats, they did it maybe the hardest. Late stage pre trapitalism.




Cherry bracelets is like the best song ever


we have been massively eating in terms of music this past month. Bladee dropping hit after hit then this flames christmas mixtape that didn’t even have any of those tracks on it



that little hoe she a stragalah


you always come thru with the heat




Apologies is this has already been posted, hard to listen to all the auto tune posts :razz:


whoa whoa whoah thats actually black kray eating the sandwich 25s in. No joking.

extreme rarity


the fuck didnt i see this for, hard as fuck

forza beats sound so nice and edgy


luv when this dumbass forum puts me a year back in the thread and i reply to old ass shit


glo gang we sick


beat is so fuckin cold

i got a whole lotta shooters and they geekin on them xans


nu kray


ffs lol not lol lol

Better keep yo shit on you, you never know 😂😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫 #MemphisTN #901 #STOPLACKINCHALLENGE pic.twitter.com/mwJxpRvg5q

— Big Troop🍇 (@spankyevans1) 2. oktober 2017

is a gun video that is pretty lols


wow this is mad different