Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


that Matrix tune on this project is siiick






they played about 20 secs of this shit in the middle of carti’s set and I went tf off, shoulda let the whole thing play

also this is a banga


how was that show dudes?


thats dope ha!


Kwavo of the Migos. pic.twitter.com/50RvJ3pNyM

— Hannibal Buress (@hannibalburess) 3. marts 2018


and this banger has a dope video now


posted this shit already but its maybe my fav of 2018 so far

so much energy in this shit





Ok ok ok


yeah exactly like in the video butterman just posted



sterile over here now

tahnks buttses


time to stir the pot here


we know


i just like poking the beehive once in a while so harkat sends me dank music to prove me wrong


young thuggy


thats dope af

btw harkat
i think you said when kendrick came out with that horrible rock track , that the only thing worse than that is U2

then i hear on scott and scott that hes on the album looooool