Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


Loving this 1






im old x nihilism feat. Jung @Phigure


90’s stuff is good



new bladee

new carti


^ also new thouxanbanfauni 3 song thing i havent heard yet


not feeling old
but Fiesta is from 2013 and have not convinced anyone irl yet that its the truth

people are not that cool like


Super Saiyan vol 1 has seemed more amazing every year

The beats these days are leaning very towards wavy grooves rather than percussive, dramatic mad shit like 2013 Chicago. You still get a tune now and then that recalls that type of clubby power rawness now and then tho I’m gna try remember some


yes yes yes

my other chicago music plug :sunglasses:… lol … says they stopped drill and changed to swag rap which i hated as a term but like dessigner panda and that mongoloid cromag … googles … ah: post malone!
that slightly vapoured reverb slow fashion bullshit took its spot

maybe its that chicago has calmed down a bit . . would make sense if streeter people listened to sicko imo

please do


I mean a lot of chicago street music is still pretty cold and drilly but they have less attention now + The soundcloud-derived sounds, like that wavy playboi carti style (swag rap is an old term for tyga etc) etc is just where a lot of ppls heads are at these days and trap in general is more centralized now. Its leaning towards “good songs” that work now which is cool cus people are good at it and have their own way of doing it, but also maybe artists arent as willing to go as wild as before, idk.

Whats biggest now in terms of non-commercial “trap” or whatever is A) the soundcloud styles and B) the singer songwriter (this is what i call it) style like Lil baby, NBA Youngboy, OMB Peezy etc thats less about crazy beats and hard raw vox and more about well written songs, lyrics very important but not in the same way they are in old rap. You might know more about this than me i dont listen to it that much but theres some really nice shit.

Anyway dope newer stuff or stuff u maybe havent hear. Thinking through I suppose a lot of it is pretty “wavey” leaning but its still rly fuckin good imo lol

only YT of this song is with this video of a naruto fighting game lol

Chicago drill-ish guy but has his own sound totally. All his stuff has satistfying af drums. He used to do bop stuff when he was a teen.

I think you like some sad trap songs type stuff too and this is a gr8 slept on one

edit: and the UK drill stuff is great for hyperactive beats like that. dont think you’ll be into the flows but these dudes are spitting drill over fully swinging beats now




yes, like a durk or kodak maybe a bit ?
sort of more introspective with less features stuff right?


kodak yes durk kinda but definitely not his early shit. This is like a definitive one as far as i know that stuff

You heard durks earlier tapes right? They are sick

basically footwork^


sorry not gotten around to this yet
keen tho
keane dough

oh yeah i know durk and nba
like it


loool tekashi69 was fucking around with tadoes girlfriend (who he beats btw), so bc of this tadoe got chief keef and trippie redd, who already has beef with tekashi69 and they made a tune against him



yea this is a banger