Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


i dont even notice auto tune any more its ridiculous

i guess if u hear it so often it just becomes the norm


2014 throwback

golden year for internet rap that

quasimoto sample




im peaking rn


Just came, I met Riff RFFF ONCE DOWBTOWN TORBURNTO. At Hoxton, HE asked me if I had coke, I said no. That was the end of the interaction.


“Lotta people don’t got the real candy paint they got the candy concentrate so gotta watch out” - Riff Raff




this is actually a blink182 rip


course man


That’s the point


:fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine:


2nd dudes flow :fire:


prime DP beat


such a peng chorus/all of the tune after the AB verse tbf




who else hates scorpion?

Blue Tint is the only tune I don’t get bored of after like 15 seconds

*besides the singles
** not including I’m Upset bc that’s trash too


thats jsut noisy sub tarp tbf. No eq on the hiegh end even. Not trolling.


kitchin smell like farfarrfart aint even in my carrhart


Drake is Judas Priest.