Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs



and I sell my weed at cost, to my friends cus im a boss


valee continues to body every feature

bass space & pace beat too


some rap beats nowadays are better dubstep tracks than “actual” dubstep


bangin nudy all day every day



cool can u gimme examples really want to hear


honestly i have no idea what i was listening to when i came to this conclusion but that kendrick tune with the james blake feature comes to mind. aside from the tempo the production is way more reminiscent of a modern overproduced dubstep track than a rap beat


reverb on the clap is just > > >


this makes me want to go to a dj show

this one is dope though


whats the sample on this lol, i know ive heard it


Was 50 Cent bigger in his prime than Drake is right now?

RT for 50 Cent
Like for Drake pic.twitter.com/U3W4Lxy8dx

— 50 Cent Daily (@50cent_daily) 19. juli 2018

Y’all crazy as shit. 50 had video games, vitamin water , shoes and his own tank tops. The g unit spinner. Had people screaming Free Yayo. We ain’t een know who that was but we wanted him free. https://t.co/xB9wY33P0X

— Blade Brown (@NinoMcFly_FTH) 19. juli 2018

We ain’t een know who that was but we wanted him free :grin:


Fitty was massive tbh. Fitty was so big Lloyd Banks was able to spin off a fucking career…


theres no doubt craig… err drake is another level

hes a live disney prince compared with a great rapper

im a huge fitty fan tho


im not jocking on drake tho, I love all his staple tunes. Look alive is a banger. Energy, 0 to a 100 still bang in bar mixes but 50 cent has a completely different aesthetic and sound. He’s arguably the closest to come to (or rather define even) that east coast mobb deep G sound with a modern production quality and a glossy aesthetic.

I spent a lot of time talking shit about 50 when he was around but in retrospect he gave people some serious bangers.


before his dre album he was superb
but i like some of that post dre stuff too


This tune is such a fucking belter. That loop/groove up top in this still so god damn fresh.



this is almost 2 years old and still sounds so hard


been reading thru old source mags about cashmoney and no limit
babys brother slim seemed to be the guy that took it up a level back then

but also had the thought maybe i slept on juvenile and especially mystikal whos supposed to have made some magic before the no limit days

as far as jeff weiss and zaythoven agreeing on M being one of the goats in that interview linked up ^there somewhere, but ive not gone in yet - very cool interview - zay is basicly a gospel artist and he doesnt swear or floss or anything

think if i get a camera id scan some of the old interviews they are funny
let alone the bling bacl then lohol