Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs



big tune,not really feeling dex new stuff


u dont like autotune, but you like nate dog ?
u dont like autotune but you just love lumidee on a track?
u dont like autotune but you think that tone def bitch mary j blige sounds cool ?
u dont like autotune but you like any hiphop track with a singing hook in the 90s?

only rap heads allowed to not like autotune is the founding members of bone thugs
(because fans of bone thugs must appreciate autotune)



the usage of the effect is implemented in a much different way though


my point is the argument
you hear the argument all the time and it covers up the fact that hiphop singing has always been an open nightmare to listen to

people pretend in their minds that 90s rap is directly connected to gospel and good soul music

there was erykah and maybe lauren
rest sounded horrible, but every other guy in the universe will stand up to shitty autotune


Lol yeah there’s some awful sung rap choruses about


Won’t stand for Mary j blige slander tho




basicly noone can sing


max b does “bad rap singing” well imo


except odb


@Samuel_L_Damnson new kane grocerys is good


Yea he’s deffo not slowed up
If anything his next release is always as good if not better than the last

Not that I’m a Kane fanboy. Guys deff on my list of people to spam beats at


Denzels new album is great


beat on this is evil


Sounds like an early rza beat


reposting cus this guys still so slept on


caught them back in the day
was epic
a whole night of bootcamp



new dope rapper!!


Yo stop spamming the forum dude.