Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


lol how did he get in tho ? ?



oh i need one of those now


Rabit put out this mixtape as a tribute to DJ Screw, so fuckin good.


first time on a forum my fault


no worries man, hope ya enjoy the rest of the forum


good place to join !


word I’m just tryna network meet some dope producers and other areas as well…start up brand at the moment.


hopped rick ross’s fence lol no lie tho


dope i appreciate the welcome


new nudy tape out too i gotta check


big up


beat on this is dutty imo


still hard





In hindsight, DJ Quik doing "Just Lyke Compton" on Arsenio in '92 might have been the highwater mark of American civilization pic.twitter.com/01Aydto25J

— Otto Von Biz Markie (@Passionweiss) 22. august 2018



Biggest indictment of white people is that eminem, in over two decades of rapping, has not produced one track that’s appropriate for dancing, sex, or anything other than angrily gaming

— Bob Avakian (@BobAvakian) 21. august 2018


Eminem is probably my least favourite rapper of all time
On the same level as mackelmore and Pitbull
Even though he can say words fast he’s still a cheesy dickhed