Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


yeah not one good track even

the one on soundbombing was dope





Chief Keef in 2011, 16 years old, holding his first daughter


not lissonnered yet


Dude probably has like 5 kids already, lol.



its funny if you google puffy

culture/media kind of look at him as this classy stylished guy

theres not one pic where he doesnt look shit lol
cant even pick a normal size black suit or something

try to find a regular pic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You have to go back to when Diddy was Yung Puff Daddy.




but he looks okay there


Lol, he has 4.



see, perfect example

his suit is too big again
cant put hat on
cant wear sunglasses that doesn’t squeeze his head like 80s he-man figurines
hes just about to drool in every pic



i wasnt big on juice wrld at first but this one with uzi made me get it

uzi has got fuzz on his autotuned voice so it sounds a bit like a guitar too which is cool


she do cocaine in my basemeeeeennnnt


what be this ?


was listening to a guy thugger retweeted called lil keed. was okay …

but his producers name was mooktoven :joy: :+1:t6::sunglasses:


sounds like west coast trap