Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


I bet he’ll be a positive influence on people in prison.


old mexikodro era carti that leaked

this flow still sounds fresh even tho its bitten to fuck now


this j billz dude is hard as fuck but he’s barely put out any music i think



i bRRR then AHAHAH you get schmurdered



Anyone else into Nickelus F? All those albums are sick albums especially the first one with Lil Ugly Mane :fire:


new yorkers are on the UK drill style now, cool


lmao fucen yanks. its ok uk dons steal drill from chi town because they can do it better anyways but its kinda retarded to copy it back

song is good though


nah nah nah

the uk did its thing to drill like they did with house/garage: they made it all dark and sharp sounding, its sick, but the americans have a level of…idk, “looseness” or smth, its more dynamic. They also rap a lot finer and have less awkard cadence, just a higher bar for rap delivery in general imo.

Chi drill is historic shit already, amazing what they did,

UK shit is still sick tho ofc and I rate it like hell…its just blasphemy and like saying americans cant do house as well or smth


you might be right but if anything it reinforces my claim that its dumb as all hell to copy the uk style if you already have better drill in the us


yeah i guess cus its new york and new york has mainly just copied other regional styles since about 2011, hasnt really had its own scene and sound


my dealer was playing this absolute banga in the car today, he was well surprised I knew what it was lol

Everyone ive met who listens to nudy fucking loves him


the ironic thing about that is dudes like A$AP Rocky then get hate for ‘not sounding New York enough’, whatever that means.


So much better than any of that wack southern US laptop mumble trap

Not libking cuz yutube gay. Asap ferg - verified



Working now?


this sounds a bit like sicko mobb with drunk filter


i dunno
i think 50 is the last new york sound worth the worlds attention
that came up as early as 99

i feel like asap is LA sounding because the style was clams style … at least somewhat


clams casino is from new jersey iirc

asap took that nascent 2011 internet underground style, mainly SGP/raidker klan and clams from Lil B and made that great first rocky mixtape off that

I feel like dipset’s 2000s stuff, Max B and maybe a few others are noteworthy for original new york influence. Like people definitely copied cam’ron a whole bunch with that effortless type of free association flow etc


oh definitely lil b
i thought him and clams were from oakland or la or whatever (code: wrong coast)

problem with talking about dipset as 2000+ is that the silly old camron stuff is 98 (!)
so Cam gets too long a ‘‘reign’’ loooool

but yeah :relaxed: