Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


lil wayne mustve loved camron


youre probably thinking of main attrakionz who asap also copied a bit from and had on the mixtape…and they had clams tracks and are from oakland


Madlib is on this if ya dun know.




Prod value on ferg is so much higher compared to all this wannabe yung lean digi-aesthetic post-malone alt-artist laptop-FL-trap shit. Like he even gets gain staged…


i like that track a lot but some of the verses are awful

“grandma had the arthritis in her hand bad” wtf lol



I need prod value bro. I bought speakers.


this anthem got a video now


lool wtf Valee is on some ellen degeneres sitcom and plays himself


dude should up more of his songs on soundcloud I can’t be caught listening to youtube on my phone


a lot of his stuff is on SC mane, that track definitely


k man I just remember being disappointed by some of his tracks not being available on soundcloud


i don’t want to like this, but i do


signed to a major now init



Yo what tred were u on about bobby schmurda in @rockonin ? Tryna link vaguely drunk 4 days late


Woke thread.


been on full blast lately. apparently key still got da juice


Valee sounds like how I feel in pyjamas