Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


found out baby ahk died

had only heard a bit but rly rinsed this tune

found out thru this new lil dude tune very rarely prod gud & whitearmor @Samuel_L_Damnson


Def listen to this later





yes boi


i swear the sicko mobb classics get better every year

Said this a billion times but if sicko mobb popped up in 2016/17 with a cole bennet video instead of a too-early label signing that tried to make them pop stars, they’d be huge I swear



I like steve nash. I didnt hear the song yet.


man we gotta bring bop back



I just watched some of DJ Nate’s newer tracks on youtube and the comments are full of ppl wanting bop back

it was so tight. Some of that stuff sounded so fucking out there


i’m happy to be alive to witness the elegance of chief keef performing love sosa with a live symphony orchestra pic.twitter.com/kq9IG6UtCI

— LILAFRIMANE (@LORAFRIMANEE) 7. november 2018


This is my fave tune recently


moby x mystikal