Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


legit one of the biggest videos in human hisotiry, dont even test. hands down. No step. «no snakes.


im fuckingnblasted right now, im not being an asshole. this is fucking massive,


H&m trap m8


Zara trap at least m8


pretty cool actually gay rap recorded and mixed by dj kenn lol

threatening his side guys with outing them to their girls is a strong flex


@Harkat is she a trap huniez?


she needs to get them cataracts looked at


She needs to get her teeth checked as well.


No, trap honeys dress with modesty and the honor of her family in mind


Shes prob a stripper at least imo.


But he got 4 years probation for using a child in a sexual performance. He shoulda had his dick sliced off.
This fucking world man…
Fuck six nine (I refuse to type it with numbers in. What am I a 14 year old xbox gamer).
His music is shit too.


I’ve never heard a single tune of his.

Just reporting the news.

I heard about that probation thing. He’s going to the pen now anyways.


donkey kong country type beat


real trap



whos making sick beats these days? i like the intsrumentals more than the rapping on this wavy trappy shit or w/e its now called… what is it called?


Wilfully ignorant of Lil Pump but this slaps tbh, beat reminds me of Rustie.


Hey Harkat, I legit think Mac Miller is deep. Im not joshin’ either dude.

Memento Mori


so many good producers about man. working on dying and chasethemoney off the top.

couple tunes from this year with gr8 beats:


do you rate Mac Miller?