Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


not particularly. He had some bangers here and there back in like 2013-15 and some very solid guest verses. Don’t like it once he gets sing songy.


hes art imo. i think you are too deep in the meta-cookie web trap vortex that you cant see out.

Kid died at 26 in his living room, hes talking real addiction shit.


Memento Mori, remember that you have to die.


music enjoyment isn’t a competition dute


yes it is bitch and i was winning, back off


Life is a competition and therefore music as a byproduct, as all byproducts of life, are inherently a competition. Back off I was winning.


I knew i shouldn’t have come in here

rap is shit, bye!


crap music more like


this came out


pfff, enjoy your “music”



seriously tho, I dont know what it is, about that over sine-tri sub jaggedness that isnt clean and over saturated into wood and him saying “hella” but its not taking me away to my safe place.


in North America, saying hella isnt cool.


Im on some real Tom Green shit rn (thread incoming) while im on my real Canadian shit, this shit is from not only before you euros even knew about rap, but also before you were born.

Jane & Fintch bitch


theyre from LA thats why


Saying “hella” in cali is like a bad “ur from the north/reno” joke


you dont know what youre talking about at all haha


i saw on a meme it was wack to say hella in south cali shut up!


if you ever want to know what west coast life is like in canada, its this video.

which is almost as good as east coast lyf…


Do you guys even know Canadian Hip-Hop?