Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs



this pablo and peso beef has had me going back and listening to their old shit together

so sick, shoutout famous dex and souljaboy in the video too



You Kendall Tranny trappers aint even heard the new necro yet…


been bangin this


Kendal trannies


go listen to some real rap by white dudes in quicksilver spitting over rock guitars about being a lyrical sniper


i cant go to heaven, im not dead yet.


yas this is out


pharell with the percs


thats a decent comeback to a decent burn


hard hard hard


lol ive been listening to this liverpool guy

“not a scrub, so lets not even get that twisted/she sniffed the whole half and didnt get that twisted”



these old unreleased chief keef tracks from the era when all his tunes had crazy trance melodies are coming out now

The fans developed an extensive map of which engineer/producer/glo gang member has what track. There are people keeping them to themselves or trading, and whole mixtapes being lost on computers held in police evidence rooms. There was an article about the chief keef unreleased trading community a few years ago. Like dubplates but instead of intentionally rare its just an artist who makes a hundred tracks a day and doesn’t always give a fuck so the music ends up wherever.



you gonna post them ?

dont know what to look for tbh

cool !


hes been dropping this series of albums called the leek and each one of them has 1-2 of those classic snips along with loads of loose tracks that werent on mixtapes

that one there is an example of the more madshit i thought u maybe will r8 cus its that era of sicko mobb etc chicago music



awesome !!


Freewave 3 feb 15th im very excite


young duwap kaine still going hard, this might have been off his last tape but new vid



So good