Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs


if ya dont know you need to check the rest of the release asap

insanely good

@111 and @mks reminded me of this one on the dsf discord


Awesome cheers, just been trying to find more stuff on youtube.
Gonna have to buy that release.
That Hidden Gods beat :surprised:


also been a while since i posted this in here, gotta keep the rep up

confession: mac dre was buried in mountain view cemetary which was about 200 feet away from my house at the time, semi-ironically on a street called “pleasant valley”. People used to leave 40oz’s and drugs at his grave, I would go there pretty often and snatch that. Harder times.


That melody :heart_eyes:

And this is just straight ballin’ at it’s finest most OTT gloriousness


on pressed pills at age 16 and feeling emotional to this tho

(sorry for the rap thread heads pushing good new stuff, allow my silly nostalgia plz)

edit: edited this post like 400 times because there are too many good nicky t tunes and im still not sure i landed on the right one


this vibe is stupid thoo, fuck me, time machine needed to go back to this moment in person, subby beat on the 1st half is gully af too, not sure what that is, sounds familiar but cant place


We should have another thread for everything else apart from the new trap styles stuff which some of the beats are dope but the mumble rapping autotune is hard to get past for me.

We have a 90’s hip hop thread, we should just rename that and add stuff from 00’s or even back as late as 80’s.

This thread:


i agree man, dig hearing the new stuff in this thread but im not connected to it at all and always feel bad derailing this one with my grandpa beats


Cause there is still stuff being made now which is throw back to 90’s stuff like Joey Badass. Well that 1999 abum was anyway, dunno what his latest stuff is like.



i vote no to splitting the hip hop thread, but i like both new and old so whatever.

theres enough ppl making oldskool stuff, or stuff that falls somewhere in between new and old




the 2016-17 era MPR stuff was all so ridiculously hard





this is insane dude haha, Gen Z are gonna absolutely bury millenials


lol i want to adopt him


wow pierre went in here