Rappy Rap Rap Thread ffs




this is such a jam


also @harkat I need your help finding the name of a mainstream “trap” banger… lemme know when ur here. I know you will know it off the top of your head but I can only humm it. Its like, one of those popular US ones, with the real low voice hook/chorus.


anthem style, all hook, recent US

in this wack video

@Phigure @cyclopian @_ronzlo @0h85 @swerver

2pac remix? - I hear Makavelli sumthing sumthing


Sheck wes - mo bamba


Is it wack to like this guy or whats the status? I feel like that tune is catchy af


yeah its a banger but its gotten really rinsed so its currently uncool again, best watch out

his album was decent


Don’t be uncool.



If you take the vocals out then it is actually quite good tho ha


both hard


Levi Carter 1, finally a tune with both good music AND vocals


not really following rap at all these days but remembered this banger from a couple summers back


imagine being white trying to listen to trap on youtube…


that cardi b one is a tune tbf :lol_og:


Bad bunny the voice of a generation imo.


tbf Murda Beatz on it killed it. Canadian despot destroying US seeen, par for the course.


lil tecca is the black adam friedland in the face


The ‘Clear Your Criminal Record for Life!’ ad :cornlol:


everyones gotta hear this if they havent already too btw