Real Hip-Hop (non of this trap muck)

Some great old school mixtapes on this guy’s channel, Wu and Preemo in particular

what’s the instrumental that comes in at like 2:22?

It’s Quiet Storm by Mobb Deep off Murda Muzik.

The beat on Auditorium is still one of the illest things Madlibs ever done

Best strings in a hip-hop beat - contenders?

Hip-hop tune from Bonik flipping MRL & referencing loadsa dubstep

Craig Mack - produced by Sean Combs before he became Pdiddy


Quazimoto (only just out of the 90’s)

Digable Planets

need an 80s hip hop fred, so much goodness

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Nah dude, was Easy Mo Dee on that one.

One for the thread:

Seen a lot of warm up DJ’s at hip-hop shows, but never heard this one dropped. Reckon it would do damage!


ONe of the sickest late 90’s indie era albums.! That poly rhythm addicts one is f**kin ill, make sure to check their solo stuff, mr complex’s stuff is proper dope.

Dat little vocal snip!


think every single song in my post was released in 1995. wasn’t even my intention.

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