Recent UK Techno Fusions


how was it, got out of jury duty eventually but couldn’t get anyone on fwd


Didn’t go in the end, girlfriends having a meltdown over masters thesis due on Monday so been helping her with that. Not too bummed though cos seeing beneath at that blank mind thing at rye wax in couple of weeks


Not recent but I’ve been fucking with this so hard since I saw Bok Bok’s RBMA lecture.


Nice guy, solid dj. Looking forward to hearing the new EP.


Hey Shnobs, Thanks for that.

This track will be released before the end of the year (With a better mixdown ahha and a new name).
I think i’ll be able to give more details in a very few weeks !


You found the forum! Good stuff.


digging, heard in that ben ufo osaka mix, sounds like punch drunk pev!


yet another hodge release, this ones a bit more like…groovy i like it- kinda 80s/instramental feel


hodge has his sound, it’s strong, it bangs and it’s cool, but I don’t need another hodge record. he’s kinda clichéeing himself.


yeah but the 2nd and 3rd tracks on it aren’t really like the hodge sound no?

i see ur point tho


Haven’t heard the others yet, will press play once I’m home.
I like his productions, and most of them are good and interesting for a number of reasons. However, he’s been exploring this aesthetic for the better part of two years now, and, even though I still like most things he puts out, by now it’s become a question of economic dimension: how much money am I willing to spend on a record that further displays well-crafted lo-fi textures over a stomping 4x4 kick? With each additional release, that amount goes down. Also, what exactly is he trying to do with this? In his RA feature, he appeared to be a guy with a precise plan: get music out there, increase your profile. By now, to me it seems like he’s trying to appeal to a more continental techno crowd while still holding on to a more british sound. Which imho doesn’t really work: the continentals prefer to consume somewhat leftfield techno in moderation, and for the bass heads there isn’t enough development in his artistic signature.


Andy Stott at Unsound,
played a set of what I can only describe as industrial techno mixed with elements of drone and lots of grime influence, was rad.


Your point being?


What do you think?

You asked for recent UK techno fusions,
I told you about a UK artist I just saw doing a techno/crossover set…

What could I possibly mean?


Ah sorry, I got a notification saying you replied and I thought your post was intdnded as a reply to my thoughts about Hodge’s recent output when it was actually a reply to the thread in general. My bad!

Andy Stott is cool. Took me ages to realise him and Ilian Tape’s Andrea weren’t the same person though, ha.


gave the whole thing a listen. “Forms of Life” (the housey B1) is pretty cool and imho the standout tune of this release. B2 is okay, could’ve done without the 60s breakdown in the middle though. Mildly annoying.


yeah yeah fair, i rate that he’s doing something else you made a valid point he’d explored his style pretty fully, he’s definitely able enough- look at bells (dream sequence)

the one i posted, this is a ridiculous comment to make from a shitty sc producer- but the kick in that does sound a bit shit…i like my 4x4 to have a real thick pounding vibe to it…


The fact that his name’s bigger than yours doesn’t mean you’re not right to call his methods into question, imo.


at first i thought i agreed with that ^

inadvertent double negative?

he didn’t make the tunes for anyone on this forum lol. maybe it’s just the best tune he could come up with and wanted to release it so he could get something to eat?

edit: nvm i didn’t read the second half of RKM’s post. still though, people seem to assume these guys could make anything they wish. i imagine they just put out what they/the labels think are the best tracks.


Still qoesn’t mean that anyone shoulq refrain from duestioning his methoqs though. If not, esbecially as a broducer, it’d lead to everything being not just qerivative, put qlatantly cobying.